Details of Referendum Law?


That you can definitely do without doing anything to the constitution.

Yes, and back in my Taiwanese flag proposal thread, I called for people to make new flag designs that would fit under the current constitution.

The constitution only specified:

The national flag of the Republic of China shall show a red field with a blue sky and a white sun in the upper left corner.

Nothing about the dimensions or what the sun should look like. So technically any of the following flags would fit the description.


In that case, who wants to join me in a referendum to establish Pastafarianism as the state religion? I think we can definitely count on news coverage.

On the flags, I think the one on the bottom would be best received–but somebody needs to check into the issue of exactly how many rays and how many circles to specify. (We wouldn’t want to just appropriate some Tao family’s crest.) I think the dot in the middle should be red, to match the field. (For all I know it may already be red.)


I have actually given up on the idea of putting Tao mata on the national flag because even though the numbers of rays and circles aren’t specific to villages or clans, the Tao people strongly identifies with that mata design, and thus under the current power structure, it would definitely be seen as cultural appropriation.


Okay, any other aboriginal sun designs out there?


There’s the Amis sun design used on some F16s.

Although they got unhappy when the air force repainted it in grey scale to be less of a obvious target…

There’s also this Paiwan symbol