Details of the application form for an OWP

I am in the process of getting all the associated papers and documents together for an OWP based on the five year plan. My many thanks to the person who emailed me the application forms and instructions (you know who you are). My boss and I have a couple of questions about the application form.

There is a box referring to the period of the contract. Does this refer to the current contract we have, or does it suggest that a new contract must be written?

The next one is the box closer to the bottom that asks about
the “manpower agency”. What in the world is that about?

I think we have pretty well figured out the rest.

If you have done this deal and can give me any clues as to what these items are about, I would appreciate it to no end.

I’ll be mailing it to Taipei, so if anyone who has gone through this process has anymore tips or suggestions, I’ll owe you one.

Thanks and kind regards,


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