Deterring dogs from pooping on the driveway

We have a gravel driveway/walkway along our house. The neighbors’ dogs have taken a liking to it and poop on it pretty much everyday. I’m OK with it, but my husband has this extreme version to/fear of dog poop, and has asked me to see if there is some kind way to deter the dogs from pooping on it. I remember people at home filling up soda bottles half-way to deter some animal but I think it was cats. Anyway, suggestions welcome.

Shoot one and leave the body on the drive?

how about buying a rat-deterrent or some other device that emits really unpleasant sounds for animals and placing it near the driveway?

That’s the only nice-ish suggestion I can think of.

OK so I was mean - what about getting a bigger dog and chaining it just outside the driveway?

Burning bag of poop on their owner’s doorstep, regularly till it stops?

(Fight poop with poop.)

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Burning bag of poop on their owner’s doorstep, regularly till it stops?

(Fight poop with poop.)[/quote]

I Actually feel good about this idea !!! i think if you want to fight poop… it has to be with poop… and if the owner doesnt understand, then ring the bell and leave it right in fron of the door… maybe they will learn one day lol

Are there any environmental agencies where you live? If so, you could set up a video camera and then report them for allowing their dogs to poop on your driveway.

Fencing? Pet stores also sell “housetraining aids” sometimes. Some are to mark where to poop, and some are to eliminate the poop smell/deter pooping. You could try the second kind. But that seems like a costly method.

Get a dog whistle (people cannot hear it) and set up a microphone/speaker system facing your driveway and blow on the whistle really hard when dogs are there to poop? Record it and set up a motion sensor?

BB Gun.

The old Pavlovian Risk/Reward Technique.

Bag 'O Poop delivered to the dogs owner might work also.

…and then there are the cats shitting in my garden… :fume:

Oh or one of those electric fences that farmers use. Not set too high of course :slight_smile:

Get some bear piss (or something that smells like it–can be purchased in hunting stores) and put it where the dogs like to poop, or all around your yard to keep them out.

Hmm, some interesting ideas. We like our neighbors, and need them on our side, and I don’t think pooping them back or demanding they tie their dogs up is going to do it. My uncle did that to his neighbor back home (put the poop in the letter box), but they already hated each other. Housecat, it might be hard to find bears near our place (Keelung). If it really worked I guess I could try asking the zoo for some… still thinking of ideas… I do remember the dog deterrent smelling stuff at the pet store, come to think of it, but would it work outdoors?

Wow many of these replies are to hurt the dog which is only doing what comes naturally to it and therefore really shouldn’t be punished.

The neighbours should be regularly walking their dog and cleaning up behind it.

Talk nicely to your neighbours and ask them how this situation can be resolved. Can they walk their dog regularly? can they fence in the dog when not being walked? Can you fence off your driveway?

If you see the dog pooping then you can spray it with water, hose or spray bottle. If this is regularly done it will deter the dog somewhat from coming into that area.

I like the Bear Pee idea - would the Chief be able to help perhaps? :roflmao:

wait until your neighbours are home and their dogs are inside, then WELD all the doors and windows shut.

or install a GIANT high-voltage electric grid system under your driveway.

or remove them with PREJUDICE with a shot gun. the dogs, I mean.