Devo's questions

In this thread; [quote=“devo”]…I have a motorcycle back home but I’m on a restricted motorcycle license (full license for a car) so I cannot get an International Drivers License (IDL) for a motorcycle. Is it expensive/too difficult to get a local motorcycle license. I don’t think I can go to a scooter after riding a larger bike!. On the flipside I cannot work out if it is legal to ride a scooter with just a IDL in Taiwan, anyone know the real answer.[/quote]I am not sure for definite but I think that it is unlikely that you’ll be OK to ride a scooter with an IDL validated for cars only. It’s possible that you’ll be OK to ride a 50cc scooter but I think even that won’t work.

It’s not expensive nor terribly difficult to get a local motorbike license. You’ll need to have your Alien Residence Certificate though. (You’re coming to Taiwan for a year or more, right?)

You’ll need to mug up on the English version of the test questions booklet, and practice riding extremely slowly in a straight line. For more information on the license test see this thread;

You say you can’t see yourself riding a scooter. Everybody says that before they come here and for a while after they arrive. Most people come to realise the benefits of scooters though; Automatic transmission great for stop-start city traffic, extremely manuveurable, better weather protection and more storage space. Plus the fact that they’re at least as much fun as most little (i.e. affordable) motorbikes here.