Diamonds out of pets

Just watching the Travel and Living channel.

Some people in LA make diamonds out of their dead pets: “If people have enough money to make diamonds out of their deceased pets, then that’s a beautiful way to immortalize them.” - or words to that meaning.

Sorry, but the whole concept seems wrong.

The desperate need of impoverished, famine stricken and diseased communities spring straight to mind.

Sure, Egyptians held a similar regard to cats……but in this day and age?

What is it with people?

I’m disgusted and confused.

You can have it done to people too.

Wanted to have it done to my old dad, but was told he was too short to get a decent rock.

Yeah, but can you make enough turnips to please Baldrick?

What you say cf? I missed out on that particlar cultural reference…

Dish and Dishonesty (?): I think Baldrick gets his fill of turnips!

You’d need to be a fan of the TV show “Black Adder” to get it.

I saw it, ever ever ago. Can’t really remember much.