Did 711 discontinue its vegetarian burger?

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Has 711 totally discontinued the vegie patty burger they had ladt month? It was prety decent (for 711) and actyally allowed vegetarians to eat at 7. They still have the bao zi.

Curious if around taiwan it is like this? Or just in the stix.

Nope, they got rid of the veggie burger everywhere, shame :confused:

It probably wasn’t Taiwan veggie, but western veggie. Most people are the bland (no garlic, pepper, onion …) veggie types.

Nothing is permanent at Taiwan’s 7-11s. When you find something you like, they eventually take it away.


Convenience stores work like that. You pay to get your product in the store on the shelf and pay a ‘shelf’ price, if it doesn’t sell enough within 3-6 months they just discontinue your product.


I saw some rice burgers in either 711 or family Mart that were made of some ugly ass mushrooms which looked like the kind of beef entrails that look like honeycomb, but it was mushroom.

I’m digging the curry chicken wrap recently. Not at all the shops. Comes and goes like most things.

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The 7-11 actual beef rice burgers are amazing (Carrefour also sells the exact same ones in bigger packs), but OP is asking about veggie options. I haven’t tried those mushroom ones I mentioned but I have seen them, in the frozen section. The more I think about it the more I think it was Family but it’s not hard to check.

It would seem very few people wanted a vegetarian burger, despite what vegetarians would try to have you believe.

Damn thats a real shame :frowning: they only cam.in stock here for like a week or 2…figures.

You would think there would be more veggie options here. Even with the anti desire vegetarians there are pots of good recipes that can be made without onion and garlic. Especially rise sauces and soups. Untapped market…

I am thoroughly dissappionted on those burgers though :frowning:

I’m still missing the sliced turkey sandwich

A vegetarian burger is a salad with two slices of bread.


In taiwan, normally yes. Thats why the new patty style is so welcomed. A vegetable burger is not always what a vegetarian burger is.

The new patties, unlike the old style western bean/mushroom/grain pressed ones, look like they ar ecompressed extrusions which even imitate the tumars and assholes you get in ground meat.really. decent if you are already at 7

Not true, these burgers are all vegetarian https://www.facebook.com/g.burger.chengkung/ tried some of them a few times, very good considering the price.

Family Mart still has sells their plant-based meat burger. It’s not bad.

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Australian colour scheme on packet is what sold it for you though?

Must be some subliminal marketing scheme by Family Mart to attract Aussies… South Africans… Brazilians(?)

I have been wanting to try that family mart one for a while now but none of the family marts anywhere here carry them :frowning:

By the picture on their package , it looks quite a bit better than the cancelled 7 version.

What’s the plant based cheese made out of?

Good question. Is the whole burger pla t based or just the fake meat disc? There are loads of decent plant based cheeses now, somehow seems a bit unlikely for a convenience store given price and the over saturated milk product market.