Did I see a post and it’s now gone?


Did I see gain’s post and it’s now gone?

Mayor Ko - political rockstar?!?!

Yeah deleted again. Poor show. Say No to Censorship.


That’s strange. The moderators here don’t seem heavy handed at all. Its hard to believe.


Two posts got deleted from a poster who has been tending to do the same thing every time related issues are mentioned. His contributions here were a disgusting photo, direct insults to supporters of a politician, and profane insults of a politician, and almost nothing beyond that. He’d been asked to moderate his posting, but he apparently won’t. I don’t see the TP forum as being a venue for this kind of posting and I’ll continue to moderate it that way in the future.


I don’t know, isn’t that every politics thread on here ?

The last post from Gain didn’t seem to have any issues as far as I could see.

Post it up and we can judge.


I don’t think so. Look at the rest of that thread. I’m sure it’s happened at various times occasionally. But rolling in every few days to do the same thing without anything else to offer is too much. We want a venue for reasoned discussion–there are plenty of venues for mindless insults and profanity around.


Holding Forumosa to a higher standard than the Taiwan Legislature? A noble goal, but perhaps a tad ambitious.


Is it ambitious?


Apples to bits & bytes. There are no chairs to throw or tables to dance on here. When physical VR becomes all the rage, then all bets are off. (Cue Zucker Bros. clip…)


I have no issue with the moderation
If you want to debate a point fine.
If every post is full of negativity and mud slinging it needs to be removed.


Agree. If a thread is opened to discuss a politician’s performance you can’t just post “he’s a cunt just like every other politician”. That’s not how discussion boards work.


Wait a second though. What if someone were to develop an objective test to determine whether a politician is, in fact, a cunt? You could then apply that test to all politicians and determine the truthfulness of the statement “every [other] politician is a cunt” and therefore whether one specific politician is just like every other politician.

This would then obviate the need for any political threads at all.


We could also develop a test to see if all water is wet :slight_smile:

Not at all. There would still be their politics to discuss!


Rowland would be so disappointed…


Yeah well since we Can’t see the posts we can’t judge ourselves.


Be careful what you wish for! :speak_no_evil:


It wasn’t a photo. It was a gif of Naomi Watts from The Impossible. A PG-13 movie. :roll:

Which is so incredibly rare amongst political discussions. le gasp


Hey little buddy!!
Davno ne videlis!!

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