Did Lien Chan Ever Beat His Wife?

Did Lien Chan Ever Beat His Wife?

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The China Post

Lien never beats me: wife
“My husband never beats me.” So said Mrs. Lien Fang Yui with tears in her eyes yesterday. Her husband, Lien Chan, is running for president.


Anybody here ever work with or study under this woman when she was teaching at Soo Chow University?

Off topic for a moment:

That article is a good example of some of the reasons the China Post is a terrible newspaper.

The most obvious problem is the frequent and blatant editorializing:

[quote=“China Post”][ul][li]Forced to play in a Democratic Progressive Party-orchestrated campaign farce[/li]
[li]Few believe Miss Hsiao who said Professor Lin would testify against Lin.[/li]
[li]No clear-thinking man can bring himself to believe a professor would truly and honestly charge the Kuomintang chairman with beating his own wife on no more solid grounds than a hearsay of a servant’s hearsay more than 30 years ago.[/li]
[li]The rumor-mongering domestic was not identified.[/li][/ul][/quote]

This, by the way, is also what a lot of the local non-English papers sound like. (The article’s a translation.)

Look at the pictures in today’s papers of Mrs. Lien presenting her weepy denials to the assembled media pack, then look at the huge picture of her husband on the wall behind her, note the way that his fist his raised as if ready to deliver a vicious blow, and draw your own conclusions. :laughing:

Does it matter any more? THe damage has been done. No one will believe him if he says no. And if they do, it will be a little iffy.

Of course he has. The rumor has been around for years, and as the saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire.
He should be honest, come out in the open, and publicly apologize to his wife and to all women in general.

Nevertheless, the DPP’s claim that they’re concerned about Fang Yu is also hypocritical. If they were concerned, they should’ve come out with is long ago, before the election campaign.

As things stand right now, Fang Yu is going to win lots of sympathy, but Lian is hardly going to lose any votes. Because what the election is about, is not Lian’s behavior inside his family, but the management of the country and the economy.

Perhaps you should add “I don’t know” to the poll. At this point 11 people say he did and 2 say he didn’t. How can these 13 people be sure whether a man they’ve never met and know precious little about, did or didn’t beat his wife?!

How about adding, until there’s some evidence besides “where there’s smoke there’s fire”–which might make gossiping old women believe it’s true but us here on forumosa? :slight_smile:–who cares? by the way this doesn’t count as evidence:

“Lin, who claimed he was a professor of political science at Taiwan University and lived next door to the Liens in 1968-70, wrote he heard his housemaid say she heard their neighbors’ housemaid say Lien Chan beat his wife.”

that actually made enzo sound convincing :slight_smile:

You mean evidence other than the black eyes she has often been said to have?

Anyway, I don’t think the DPP was stupid to bring it up. Chen was stupid to bring it up; the whole coy approach of “I would never beat my wife” is just not the sort of cheap shot that presidents should be making. That’s what vice presidents and party hacks are for.

The DPP used to be good at campaign strategy. What’s happened?

[quote=“cranky laowai”]You mean evidence other than the black eyes she has often been said to have?


you call that evidence? please tell me you’re pulling my leg.

all i’ve heard is rumors and hearsay. i have no idea if it’s true, it might be or it might not. but i want to see the evidence. bringing it up in any way without some kind of solid evidence is disgusting. but the way things work in taiwan today with the media and all i guess i shouldn’t be surprised.

what you’re seeing cranky are tactics born of desperation.

Well it doesn’t really matter. We don’t know if he really did and who cares? It might be 30 years ago and since his wife doesn’t mind no more then why should we?

Actually it’s the first time that I got to vote and to be honest with you guys, I am worried. I am sick of those trash piliticians attacking each other by talking gossip and who out there REALLY cares about people here? :imp: I am worried about this coming election. I am afraid that no matter who wins,Taiwan still can’t find it’s road… :?

well…ya know taiwan is the home of “pure” chinese culture. like the great sage taught: “drums and women are of the same essence; they need to be beaten often.” he was born in china. he is just perhaps displaying his affinity to confucian ideals. isn’t time for the confucian scholar dance soon?

the mrs. said “he never beats me.” doesn’t such mean in the present? can we get her to comment on the past less tearfully than she did the present? hmmm…she cried on cue for the cameras today. the taiwan media manipulation rulebook says she’ll be checking into a hospital soon for exhaustion.

he did

Beating your wife and running the country… yes, I can see how those two issues are related :unamused: :unamused:

What exactly did Chen do with his time in jail, that’s what I’d like to know??? Any shower room stories from the guys that picked up the soap??? Chen must have some dirt of his own.

That is a very unsettling avatar, Bassman. :shock:

My wife was in college at the same time as Lien’s son in Chungli. Lien’s son talked about how he hated being at home because of the violence. So I’d say it’s no rumor.

There are newspaper reports on this, but I don’t have the umph to locate them. As I recall, there was definitely an incident.

I would say there’s a strong correlation there.
Batterers tend to commit more crimes and have lower IQs. They tend to be more neurotic, less agreeable, less extroverted, open, and conscientious. They are more authoritarian.

Unquestioned obedience to authority defines abusers more than their attitudes toward women or wife beating. They feel little compassion for those they regard as inferior. When they treat women as inferior, sexism becomes a subpart of their authoritarianism.

Abusers are more anxious, nervous, irritable, excitable, moody, defensive, self-centered, and hasty. And they are less confident, optimistic, content, and clear-thinking.

Wife beaters are disagreeable, which equates with less forgiving, peaceable and tolerant, while more stubborn, demanding, argumentative, unstable, suspicious, and aggressive. In short, they are more likely to lash out when provoked. Is this the kind of person to run a country? Can the Taiwanese trust this rich, spoiled, evil little gobshite?

I too, heard rumours of his violence many years ago from old students who worked for the government. They told me Tai Da hospital would lock up the front doors (presumably to keep out the press) when Ms. Lien was rushed in for treatment post abuse sessions. Since they told me, I’ve watched him. I remember when he lost the last election how he grabbed his wife by the arm and stormed out after his loser’s speech. He’s a bastard, and you can see it in his eyes.

I wouldn’t consider a wife-beater as fit to be entrusted with any kind of authority, least of all that of running a country.

Any man who violently abuses a woman, especially the mother of his own children, ranks among the lowest of the low in my estimation, no matter what his educational level or other credentials may be.

Rumors, rumors, secondhand rumors.

Let’s see some solid, physical evidence, people. If there’s enough evidence to convict him in a court of law - yeah, damn right it’s relevant, violent wifebeaters are the lowest of the low and have no right running a country when they can’t even run their own household right.

But until then, he’s guilty until proven innocent.

oops, I think I got that backward…but that’s the public lynch-mob mentality when celebrities get accused of any misdoings. You can feel the slobber of excitement frothing off of people’s tongues, “ooo, juicy gossip!”

Of course, what they may mean is that Lien beat his wife with the ugly stick… :wink: