Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?


If the CIA didn’t who did? Seems not Sirhan Sirhan. And that brings back what really happened to JF K ?


I recently read this novel about that topic. It’s a page turner if you’re into books. And haven’t already read it.


Are you suggesting that someone else fired the shot?


I wasn’t there , did you read the article?

Brings back his brothers death too. Do we really know who shot John Kennedy ?


Obviously not.
But good odds it was the CIA and the mafia in particular.

Two assassinations, two patsies, CIA fingerprints across both .

Robert and Jack Kennedy were hated by CIA and Mafia due to Bay of Pigs fiasco and their crackdown on organised crime.



None of us were there. I find it highly unlikely that it was anything other than an opportunistic assassination.

It’s only relatively recently that Sirhan Sirhan has changed his story to not being able to remember anything. If he was a patsy, hypnotised and firing blanks in order to distract from the real assassins, then how does the book explain away Kennedy’s last minute decision to go through the kitchen? He made that decision against the advice of his security detail who preferred the set route.


How come his security detail were CIA guys though ?


I don’t think they were. They were his own bodyguards.


I blame global warming.


It’s a very interesting interview and Sirhan is very well spoken.

However some stuff he completely glosses over especially the RFK must die months writing months before the shooting . Possibly he was stalking him. He claims to have found the party by accident and that he had a gun simply because he was at the driving range.