Did u go to the oriented party?

How was the party? Did anyone who frequents these boards go or was it more people who use oriented to help their careers? By the write up on it, is sounded like a nice bunch of happy, young, well-off consumers who I’m sure advertisers would just love to sell their high-priced products and services to. Didn’t hear nary a mention of a lowly English teacher.

I was there and chatted with a few other “lowly” English teachers. The outfits are usually a dead giveaway… office attire vs. casual… but I’m sure there are exceptions. I was hoping to meet some of the folks from the forums, at least the moderators, but no luck. Some might have been there, but when I got there, groups had formed and were chatting like old friends (perhaps because they were old friends) and I didn’t want to walk up to every stranger and ask… so, what’s your log-on name?

Still, it’s always good to have an excuse to go out for a drink and a chat.

Hey, I was there the whole time. It’s just that my mild-mannered persona is at odds with my moderator’s image.

Maybe we should do some kind of name tags next time, with log-in names or something? Or make the moderators wear silly hats?


ya. the moderators can come in uniform, like a shirt with a large target on it. seriously, though, I was in and out – I couldn’t stay too long, but maybe next time

It was kind of freaky, to be honest. I was trying to be pleasant and all, but at first I was still acutely aware that most of these strangers milling around the room were people I’d been “talking” with on here for months, people I’d held entire conversations and arguments with, yet I had no idea who was who. Thankfully, eventually a few people identified themselves, like Cranky Laowai, Maoman, Christine, Ironlady and Juba, et al. I think next time nametags might be a good idea, or at least for the first few times, until everyone gets to know everyone else.

And the funny hats idea wouldn’t work, 'cause I’m not a moderator, and I’m not about to give up my funny hats.

Ya thinks THAT’S freaky, do ya Poagao? How about this… I’m sitting in my office right now wearing your shirt!

I can think of worse things to be doing while wearing one of my shirts. But you’re right, that’s certainly freaky. It’s so freaky that I think I’m going to have to go watch a Doris Day film now.