Did you buy any DPP or KMT election items?

Just curious as how involved or interested people are to make a purchase.

Hats, t-shirts, jackets etc etc

A DPP wristwatch
Two T-shirts
Two A-bian/Lu wristwatches (for friends)
Two scarves

I also picked up all the free flags and pins I could. I have a collection going back to the 1996 presidential race. Ebay anyone? :wink:

I just got a couple of free flags (A-Bien of course). I might just need to put it back on my bicycle to protest Lien’s childish behavior.

Got the A-Bian beanies from the Mayoral and previous presidential election. A friend told me she’d picked up the latest DPP hat. Another friend dropped over here to HK with a little hand held jack in the box type thing you press and a very unlike likeness of Chen shoots up with a recorded voice screaming “Ah bia, dong suan”.

He brought it over to get some made up for the July first rally in HK against Tung Chee Hwa. He wants a Tung likeness to pop up and scream “Tung Chee-hua, xia tai”.

Taiwan’s democracy drifting to HK? Perhaps just the gimmicks at this early stage.


  • A small DPP flag
  • A Black and Gold “The Office of the President, R.O.C.” cap
  • A white and green “Yes Taiwan” shirt


I bought an A-bian cap. I have some free flags from the 228 hand in hand thingy.

I have a silver KMT jacket from the last election. It gets some strange looks.

Actually I saw the guy driving the DPP speaker truck wearing one too, I just about fell over laughing.

Why, it’s a jacket, paid with the money KMT has looted from this island and earned peddling drugs in the US.

They’ve got me in their pocket. :wink:

All I have to do is put Pro KMT propaganda in my text books and put some KMT back masking on the phonics cd’s. :smiley:

I like the butterfly :blush:

I like wearing silver clothes :blush: :blush:

It’s a spare that I keep in my motorbike.

Politicians are all halfwits but I can be bought cheap.

Three “tandem” badges, one “Fix the economy, keep the peace, save Taiwan” badge and a rubix cube thingy.

Remove that pathetic thing Juba. You, from a democratic country supporting those violence-inciting neanderthals. Shame on you.

I got Lian and Soong rock’em sock’em thingies. They stand about eight inches high, until you press a button on the side. At that time, both thingies’ heads extend an additional six inches … and sound comes out of the base – “Lian-Song Dongsuan” (Lian and Soong will be re-elected) – I think they’re meant to fight each other.

Soong’s base is orange, while Lian’s is blue.

I got them at KMT headquarters and was hoping to get a matching pair of Chen and Lu, but alas I could not find any at DPP headquarters.

The plan was to have a battle royale … As it is Lian and Soong have each taken quite a beating at each other’s heads.


Get real. Your “Tandem” is not just obsolete but obsenely incorrect.

This is the ONE. Get it right this time.


I got a Abien pop up neck doll with voice saying Vote for Abian. Green plastic thingy. MADE IN CHINA, it says on back. of all places.


Maybe that battle royale could take place after all.

I saw a picture of yours in the paper, but the folks at DPP headquarters were very uncooperative when I questioned them (at this point, I proudly displayed to them my Lian-Soong versions; I explained that I wanted to stage a battle, but their glassy stares belied their pop-up-neck-doll envy and their response was no more coherent than pointing me in the general direction of the gift shop).

So, there isn’t an Annette Lu version? A pity.

Are there any of those pop-up dolls left? I’d kind of like to get a Lien and an A-bian one…

I got a Chen pop up doll that shouts Ah bien dong feng, or something. What the hell DOES he shout?
I also got a kitsch Chen/Lu watch for $300!

You can bet that all the dolls are made in China, and they have identical sound chips in them, but with some shouting “A-Bian (A-bia) Dongsuan” while others shout “Lian-Soong Dongsuan”

Dongsuan is Taiwanese for “elected”. The best approximation in English is “Elect ‘my candidate’” or “Victory for ‘my candidate’”