Did you feel THAT one?

Woah. I did.

Talk about movin and shakin - just like being back in Cali!

No wonder no one can quit smoking in Taiwan…each time a big one hits you run to 7-11 for water and a pack of Marlboro Lights. :eek

For my Taiwanese colleagues, it seems like nothing happened. It’s like as if an earthquake is a staple of Taiwanese life. Though it scared the sh** outta me, the way my colleagues look at it have calmed my nerves.

Am I overreacting? Or were they “under-reacting”? I guess I need a shrink.

i was sitting on my balcony and when it started i began dancing and dropped my orange juice down 11 stories into the fish pond.

“NO DAMAGE” my fat white ass. that oj cost me 10nt.

This reminds me of the nuclear reactor situation. I’m glad they never built one in Nantou.

Aren’t they building the nuclear reactor in Taipei County? Didn’t Ah-Bian first oppose it and then say, ‘oh well, if we die, we all die together’? Ah, youth/fatalism/mei2 ban4 fa3 espirit de corps! Willing to throw caution to the wind and live life to it’s fullest!!! Hope you don’t have any earthquakes/nuclear disasters/etc during rush hour.-v