DID You Know?

Mind blowing facts about the growth of technology……set to some pretty cool techno music… :sunglasses:

Facts, yes.
The interpretations? Open to, well, interpretation.

We were forced to watch this at a faculty meeting yesterday, in fact. Everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed in the right places. But no one questioned a statement like “China will be the world’s largest English-speaking country in the year whatever.” Sheer numbers, maybe. Functional proficiency? I doubt it. They might as well have said “Everyone in Taiwan will speak English by such-and-such a year.”

That’s the one that I know something about. I have no doubt there are other conclusions in areas I’m not familiar with that might be equally unfounded. Sorry to be a doubter, but facts are facts and interpretations are interpretations. (And I’m getting a bit tired of being told how 21-st century learning is different and we can’t expect kids to do much because “they learn differently” and so on. I doubt that the way a brain acquires a language has changed that much because of the Internet. :unamused: Other things, maybe. But not that. It’s sort of hard-wired, after all, and evolutionary change takes longer than 10 years.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]set to some pretty cool techno music… :sunglasses:[/quote]That would be “Right Here Right Now” by Fatboy Slim, whose real is Normal Quentin Cook, whose real name is Quentin Leo Cook.

From the 90s! :laughing:

Interesting, but what was “The 25% of Indias population with the highest IQ’s … is greater than the total population of the US” supposed to mean?

The population of India is just over a billion, population of US about 300 million, which I suppose is about a quarter(ish), but where does the IQ bit become relevant?

Anyway, and Moores law the phenomenon of exponential growth, or yearly doubling is quite interesting, even a target to achieve for the industry and amazing its pretty much been accurate for several decades.

There are more smart Indian people than American people. Smart is not much use if you are the eighth daughter of a low caste street sweeper, though.

And who was a Housemartin, who became The Beautiful South without him.

I’ve seen that tripe already. Throwing data around is not mind blowing in the least.