Didn't get an extendable VISA

At the time, it looked like the cost of making a visa run and applying for the extendable visa was about the same, so why not incorporate a small vacation into things? Am I correct understanding it costs about 5000NT each extension? If not, is it too late for me to apply for an extendable visa now that I’m in Taiwan?

just do a visa run at the end of the month every time its a nice get away and a fun way to explore asia mate, if your from USA then its every 30 days unless you get the visa makes it 60 days, im from uk so i get 90 days each time i just leave to hk or other places really fun and well worth doing makes life that more eventful, and yeah mate if you came in on a visa exempt entry you cant get the extended visa will have to do a visa run and apply outside of taiwan