Diet Change and Diarreah

I changed to a new diet about three weeks ago to try to lose weight around my gut. On the average day I eat:

Breakfast: One bowl of oatmeal with raisins and non-fat milk OR two slices of multigrain bread with 4 egg whites

Mid morning snack: Apple or Apple shake (half low fat milk, half water)

Lunch: Pack of 2 sushi rolls from 7-11

Afternoon snack: A large handful of grapes

Dinner: A good sized serving of fresh vegetables with fist sized serving of white fish or chicken breast. (sometimes this is from a vendor, but I try to avoid the really oily stuff)

8pm snack: A few slices of pineapple

I usually eat in 2 - 3 hour intervals depeding on when I rise, and also have a few nibbles on sunflower and sesame seeds. I sometimes vary the fruit that I eat, but tend to stay away from bananas and citric fruits. I am also exercising almost every day, usually with about 30-45 minutes of cardio at an average of 80% MHR and a fairly intensive and varied session of resistance training.

All this and I have had diarreah like stools for about 4 days, going to the bathroom every 4 - 5 hours. I need to ask, is this a natural side-effect of a sudden diet change / metabolism change? Has anyone had a similar experience. I looked on the internet but all the advice is for babies with diarreah and is of relatively little use to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice…

That diet looks really good.

Wish I was that disciplined. The 7-11 looks suspect to me if all else has been eliminated but they are not to bad as far as I know.

There have been some nasty stomach problems getting around Taiwan. My SO’s niece is in hospital with a drip due to a stomach bug.

Otherwise, what has changed. Clean water used on the fresh vegetables?
We run the filtered but not boiled water over them.

Cleaning routines with chopping boards? Order of food preparation and storage? Where the food is purchased?

I’m sick today and can lay it directly on a supermarket at Metrowalk in ChungLi.

Without fail, those yoghurty drinks that the kids all love - that come in two or three sizes, in plastic, Coke-bottle-esque, red-tin-foil-topped bottles - always clear up a bout of theruns for me. It even cleared up a nasty case of food poisoning I had last year.

It’s because they’re full of probiotics - good bacteria. They help to combat the bad bacteria in your stomach. Also god to take when on antibiotics.

You could also buy probiotic milk powder from the supermaket. It’s usually in with the baby powders.

Good luck.


I’d say your body is making major adjustments at the moment, and just look at what you’re eating: LOTS of fruit and veggies, with lots of roughage. This will take some time getting used to.

The fact that you are only going every 4-5 hours indicates to me that it is not really “diarrhoea”. It just sounds like very loose stool as a result of a fruit and veg-filled diet.

Good advice. These are widely available and really do settle the stomach.

Most important, of course, is to remember to drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.