Diet Pills

Anyone know if I can have Hydroxycut and other similar diet pills shipped to taiwan?..

No dear.

Get a bike and ride it. It’s a lot healthier and more effective alternative. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Get a bike and ride it. It’s a lot healthier and more effective alternative. :slight_smile:[/quote]yea, but i would like a little speed with that… :laughing:

You can buy diet pills here. At any good pharmacy. You can buy Xenical and Reductil, which are the two most popular. They are a lot cheaper here that in Western countries.

Fyi: Taipei Gym carries Hydroxycut. $3000.

Do not waste money…

I am not familiar with these. How do they work?

[quote]What are the possible side effectsof orlistat?

why do people need diet pills?

Just stop eating so much. Pretty simple. If millions of people in developing countries have a trim figure because they’re starving or leading a subsistence life, there’s your answer. Nobody is forcefeeding you.

[quote=“Jack Burton”]why do people need diet pills?

Just stop eating so much. Pretty simple. If millions of people in developing countries have a trim figure because they’re starving or leading a subsistence life, there’s your answer. Nobody is forcefeeding you.[/quote]

Sounds simple JB. It’s not. I stress eat. We all have different things going on and different reasons why we may be dealing with weight issues.

Pills are only a short term fix. As soon as you stop taking them you will increase weight again and probably more than what you have lost before because of the pills (-> Jo-Jo effect). Besides, the weight you are loosing with the ‘help’ of the pills is mainly water rather than fat! You wouldn’t be the first one suffering from kidney damage afterwards.

My suggestion: Take for breakfast something like low calorie Muesli and for lunch take only fruits. For dinner you can eat whatever you like as long as it is not too much. Drink plenty of water, as water (unlike beer) will make you feel full (beer makes you hungry). Some exercise (2 ~ 3km jogging 3 times a week or a daily 3km walk) will speed up the weight loosing process. With this recipe you should be able to loose at least 1 ~ 1.5kg per week in a very healthy way and not gain it back. Loosing lots of weight in a very short time due to pills is neither healthy nor will the result last for long.

I agree with the last 2 posters:

  1. Weight loss is not simple. If it were there wouldn’t be a problem in the U.S. like there is now (epidemic proportions, they say). Researchers have found that when people from the 3rd world come to 1st world, for example a Southeast Asian to the U.S., the first generation immigrant has no problems with weight. But, the second or third generation if they assimilate and eat the typical Western diet which is full of processed/refined products, high in carbs and fats, they begin to have weight problems as prevalently as the dominate ethnic group in said 1st world country. Another example are the Pima Indians who have problems with obesity and diabetes - it is hypothesized that they’re genetically evolved to eat a certain diet - those who eat like the ancestors did - cactus fruits, seeds, berries - maintain their health - but those who eat a typical western diet (the majority) are obese and have diabetes in proportions that far exceed the typical American.

[quote]Scientists use the “thrifty gene” theoryproposed in 1962 by geneticist James Neel to help explain why many Pima Indians are overweight. Neel’s theory is based on the fact that for thousands of years populations who relied on farming, hunting and fishing for food, such as the Pima Indians, experienced alternating periods of feast and famine. Neel said that to adapt to these extreme changes in caloric needs, these people developed a thrifty gene that allowed them to store fat during times of plenty so that they would not starve during times of famine.

This gene was helpful as long as there were periods of famine. But once these populations adopted the typical Western lifestyle, with less physical activity, a high fat diet, and access to a constant supply of calories, this gene began to work against them, continuing to store calories in preparation for famine. Scientists think that the thrifty gene that once protected people from starvation might also contribute to their retaining unhealthy amounts of fat. [/quote]

  1. Diet pills are not a long term solution to weight loss. However, they can help get a person started. Not all diet pills work as hm suggests by causing water loss. Xenical is a good example of a different mechanism of action. It doesn’t allow your body to take in fat from dietary sources. It binds to fat molecules and doesn’t allow them to be absorbed in the gut, so they pass through the GI system and out your hind end - that’s why they say your stools become fatty/greasy, and you may have oily flatulence (farts). ALSO, medication is an adjunct to proper lifestyle changes - learning to eat right, and exercising - it is NOT meant as the ONLY means to achieve weight loss. Folks on average only lose 15 to 30 pounds on these meds.

But, all in all - advice given is sound. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, less fats, and sweets and alcohol. Lots of water. Exercise 30 minutes minimum/day at least 3-5 times per week. Eat until you feel satisfied/full and then quit. Don’t eat until you feel uncomfortable no matter how good it tastes. Try to make note of times you overeat, and whether or not you’re eating to satisfy something else that is missing in your life - are you bored? lonely? stressed? anxious? Emotional overeating is common. Work on finding other coping strategies for the situations in which you find you overeat. Get support. Let friends know you are trying to lose weight, share with them your successes, and they will help reinforce your commitment to weight loss. Hmmm. . . . easy advice to give, difficult to follow. I struggle with weight myself.

Good luck!


I agree that diet pills are not the ideal solution, but can give a kick in the right direction.In a perfect world,everybody exercises and eats correctly.
I favour the ECA stack(Ephedrine,Caffein/Aspirin). In studies, people permanently changed their body shape(for the better). The loss was not only water and muscle,but a far higher body fat percentage and amount than those in the control group(those who took nothing).
Just make sure your heart and BP are ok before starting.
I lost a good 5 kg’s of fat(not muscle) taking ECA and exercising.It has not returned as in water loss.

USA’s FDA already ban Ephedrine off the ECA stack a while ago because some people, who use it actually died from it. I know it’s not ban now because those major drug companies have it over turned. :s

Stuffs like ECA stack simply caused the heart to over work too much. They also have bad side effects that come with it because they ARE drugs. I supposed you also recommand anabolic steroid as well to kick off in the right direction!! :astonished:

Personally, I prefer the slower safer method. The ideal solution IS to eat and exerciese correctly with as natural food as possible!! :smiley:

麻黃 Ma Huang, or Ephedra you’re after? That’s used for lung problems in CM. Avoid it like the plague. If abused it’s like the shittiest speed you can ever imagine. Better off downing twenty coffees - the effect (damage) is much the same.


Ahh, ephedrine…
I started taking it for weight loss in my junior year. I did lose some weight, I think. But I started taking more to get through the exam period as it kept we awake and alert. Like caffeine squared. I stayed up almost three days straight, got good grades and felt certain that I was going to die.

Of course, now I’m older and (supposedly) wiser and wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a small supply of Ma Huang which I will use quite responsibly (yeah right).

Oh, and did you know that the plant Ma Huang is also known as “Morman Tea” because the morman religion bans coffee, but says nothing about ephedra, and so some mormans used to drink teas made with ephedra leaves instead. That must be the beverage equivalent of taking it up the back door to remain a virgin.

Look at the information supplied with any Ephedrine/Ephedra product,it is
long and detailed. If you choose to ignore it, then you deserve what you get. Ephedrine has not been linked to any deaths, hence the overturning of the ban.
Of course, anything taken to excess, even mild medication, can be harmful.
The positive far outweigh the negative effects.
As for the illegality of steriods, grass(dagga) and alcohol are far more dangerous.
You never hear of anyone high on steriods wrecking their car etc.
The wankers who claim “roid rage” have a personality problem,.
Rather blame someone or something else-now doesnt that sound familiar ?

I used to enjoy a tea that had ephedra in it while back in canuckland. I found that if used sparingly and as long as I didn’t drink it every day, the effects were more positive than coffee. It kept my sinuses and lungs feeling like they were working as best as they could (I was biking on average 400 k’s a week; wish I was now) and gave me a nice emotional energy. I can see where the contreversy started with the stuff because one day I decided to actually over do it (2 big cups) and ended up having an anxiety attack. It was indeed like a huge dose of bad speed! The only other thing I can think of that makes me feel panicky like that is too much coffee!

I sure wish I could find some of that tea here. It was really quite tasty. It was from a company called Herbal Medicinals and it was called “Breathe Easy”. I actually lost a lot of weight while drinking it but it was probably the combination of all the biking and the excellent diet at the time.

On my long cycle days on weekends, I take 1 20 mg pill with a cup of coffee, then lots of water.
Opens my chest for easier breathing, gives me greater drive.
Most top sportsmen or women have got where they are by taking or using ergogenic aids, which are now considered illegal.
Makes you think.