Differences between Taiwanese and HK women

Anyone want to throw in their two cents on the differences between them – younger ones aged 35 and younger; asians over 45 or so all seem the same…HAHA. JK…sorta :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m socialize with both here in the States. I find HK women to be more outgoing but masculine, whereas women from Taiwan are more reserved (snobbish?) and feminine. Also, I suspect I am only seeing a cross section of both societies – those with the finanical resources to live here and the personality and background that makes one want to live overseas. Of course having relatives here helps, but most here seem more open to new ideas and liberal in their thoughts, too.

Am I off base here?

P.S. Anyone want to include PRC women too?

Interesting point…where do you meet those taiwanese women
and HK women?

A Hong Kong guy once told me that if you step on a woman’s foot riding the MTR in Hong Kong she’ll rip ya a new one, but in Taiwan they just look down at there feet and move out of the way… He contributed the difference to a lack of space in Hong Kong where people are more pushy by nature.