Differences - Taiwan vs. Back Home

[quote=“24seventaiwan.com”][quote]911 or 119? Are you stupid? Or just ignorant?

Edit: Sorry, shouldn’t have said “stupid.” You’re probably just another ignorant American. Right? Or maybe even an ignorant Canadian? And you’re in charge of a magazine?


Mathew - the other two countries are Canada and most of the States.

Toilet Bowl Queen - did you think that the emergency number used in your country was the same one used the world over?

Okay, it’s official: you are stupid. And I can feel my IQ decreasing by 10 points as I explain this to you.

  1. BFM was being facetious, taking the piss. Perhaps you don’t know what those words/phrases mean, in spite of your nominal status as a magazine editor. Ask for help.

  2. At first glance I thought your message to me above was a comedic role reversal, deadpan fashion: you say something dumb, and then when I point it out you accuse me of saying the very dumb thing that you said. But that would be kind of clever, and you’ve already exhibited ample reasons to disabuse anyone of that assumption. So here’s the deal: either you thought that all expats in Taiwan are American, or you thought that every country except Taiwan uses 911 as an emergency number, or you’re simply an ignorant American who believes American things to be normative the world over. In any case, perhaps it would behoove you to come to grips with the fact that you’re not in Kentucky anymore?

people wear sweaters, under a coat or jacket when it is 80 degrees (26C)

they put sweaters or jackets on their dogs when it is 80 degrees (26C)

people don’t pull over or stop for an ambulance

people have no problem cutting in front of you in a line

all the girls love celine dion

buildings the size of hotels with every room just for ktv (it was fun though)

pigs blood

an american that likes cho dofu (me)

smart cars (love them)

pizza hut, and dhl delivers via scooter

everything is recycled (as it should be)

dinner for 2 for US $4

a room in a hostel for US $10 per night

i can buy a beer at 4 in the morning

Another difference between the emergency number in America and Taiwan is that in America they will do everything they can to help you. They will even send the police to your address if you are unable to give it. In Taiwan they prefer to hang up on you than help you if it’s too much trouble. Or they just don’t bother turning up.

More so in the USA:

sense of direction
right of way
stop signs
excellent public TV/radio systems
inexpensive magazine subscription
expensive prescription drugs
your home is your castle
intellectrual propery
child protection
disability law
malpractice insurance
all kinds of lawsuits
jury duty
free public schools (k-12 education)
teacher unions
frequent strikes or threat of a strike
pro-life vs. pro-choice debates

[color=red]Ass Kissers[/color]
I’ve worked in the US and in Japan and in Taiwan. It seems the ratio of ass kissers to non-ass kissers is about the same everywhere. Where the difference is, is that in the States, the ass kissers at least try to make an effort to pretend that they are not ass kissers. Over here they don’t. They are proud of it and want everyone to notice how well and how long they can kiss ass. I suspect that they probably have secret meetings and hand out awards to the best ass kissers.

The attitude towards animals. Few people “home” would walk past a dying animal, kick a dog, or freak out at the site of a simple sight of one. That last one bugs really me :loco:

People back home generally believe neutering/spaying to be a good thing. Here most people do not.

Most people would never abandon an animal back home unless it was a situation of life or death. ie. New Orleans hurricane last year. And society cared about those thousands of abandoned animals. Massive efforts were mounted to reunite owners and animals or find homes. Here MILLIONS are living/dying on the streets. And peope just walk on by.

Please address this in your article.

Ok, here goes…

People wear big jackets and sweaters when its 80F outside :loco:

Walking in the street of Taiwan is like being in “Final Destinations”

No one cares about their rights…

People like to throw garbage everywhere

bing lang

NOISE!!! LOTS OF IT!!! :fume:

people are like robots, absolutely no individuality whatsoever. Few that are individuals are either celebrity or just local artists.

People kill themselves over money :loco:

Old people insisting on speaking Taiwanese even if they know mandarin, and if you dont understand them they act like a redneck from deep south against a black person.

dog crap everywhere, and dogs everywhere…

no gun rights here, having one gets you branded as public enemy number one. Wonder what will happen if the reds decides to take a trip to Taiwan?

Jury, what Jury??

Apple Daily “News”

Instead of cars or modding cars, its scooters and (shudders) modded scooters, and modded scooter sounds like a chainsaw from hell.

Can’t find anything that isn’t ready made, arts and craft is like tough to find… :astonished:

Oh and Sidewalks are roads too, cause scooters also drives on it and becareful you might get run over… :loco:

[quote=“rahimiiii”]Ok, here goes…

People wear big jackets and sweaters when its 80F outside :loco: [/quote]

I just shot this of my brother inlaw here in our computer room. Note the nice fake fur on his snowsuits hood.

[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]I just shot this of my brother inlaw here in our computer room. Note the nice fake fur on his snowsuits hood.


He must work for PETA? :wink:

Scooters with alarms




  • People drive on the right
  • Majority of cars are automatic
  • Cheap gas
  • Electrical power is 110v instead of 240v, and 60hz instead of 50hz
  • Date formats go month, day, year
  • Electrical sockets have flat pins
  • No decent sport on TV
  • Football is called soccer
  • Either no ground floor or first floor

Of course none of these will appear foriegn to some :smiling_imp:

I guess the most obvious and one I first noticed was that everyone speaks a different language, Chinese.