Different Kind of TEFL

My fiancée is thinking about teaching English if he can’t find any other job in Taiwan. He has a Associate Degree Program in Computer Drafting and Design and is curring seeking different kind of TEFL programs.

1.Do you guys know what will be a credible TEFL program for him to get if he wants to get a job as a English teacher(any website that I can show him)?
2. What kinda of TEFL do you guys get when you come to Taiwan teaching English and what kinda job does that lead you to?


sorry, this question has been asked very many times - have you tried a search??

I would also ask how useful it would be. If you get married, he won’t need it for his ARC (if you are Taiwanese. Somehow, I though I saw you say you are.)

I am often frustrated working in Taiwan because I study teaching. It is often discouraging to start working in jobs when you know what they want you to do is utter shite.