Different motorcycle tests

I have had a UK motorcycle licence for many, many years. Here in Taiwan I took the car driver’s test and the scooter test, no problems, but I am getting the yearning for a big bike.

I can’t find any info on the license/test requirements in English.

Can anyone advise please?

If no one answers your specific question, there is a huge amount of information on this forum about the subject if you do a search on motorcycle license big bike.

For me, I went ahead and took the one week big bike course after I had a car and scooter license. They kind of wrote off the hours for me and then I took the riding test at the end of 5 days and done. No written test.

Seems everybody has a little bit of a different experience so…

Ok thanks for that. I’ll find where my nearest school is. (I live in Yangmei.)