Difficult to find short-term housing in Taipei?

A group of us will be going to Taipei for the exchange programme at National Chengchi University and we are looking for short term apartment rental from early September to January. Have been trying to look for a 3 bedroom apartment that is available on a short term basis on 591.com but so far, we did not receive any response.

Does anyone have any recommendations of how else we should go about finding?
Our budget is around NTD$30,000 per month. Preferably in Da An District but anywhere near there is also fine as well.
Thanks in advance.

Where are you right now? Sounds like you might already be in Taiwan…

I think chances to find such an opportunity from real-estate ads are slim. My own experience is that the key to getting flexible accommodation is to know people (in 2011, when i lived in Taiwan for much of the year, i had an apartment on a month-to-month basis, without written contract, and i know other people who live that way - this was/is possible because of personal connections).

You could inquire into this listing:

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 3&t=122856