Digital Camera Suggestions?

wolf wrote:[quote]Correct me Monkey-boy, but isn’t your Sony incapable of accepting a standard memory card? What sort of problem, if any, is that (if I remember right)? [/quote]

the “memory stick” is sony propietar. Flash memory is made by everybody.
i think the largest memory stick out there is the 128MB which, as i said above, is a lot.
Flash cards are available up like 1GB or some ungodly thing like that.

to answer you question, it hasn’t been a problem yet. if i go on an extended vacation to someplace i haven’t been yet i’d probably pick up one or two more of the 128s tho. i don’t want to have to lug my laptop all over paradise just so’s i can dump my pics the same day i took 'em.

that being said, if sony would come out with a higher capacity mem stick, i would definitely go that route.

FNAC always seemed expensive to me - I got the Sony 3.3MP whatever model about a year ago for NT$19,000 on Bo Ai street. FNAC were charging ~ 6k more for the same deal.

However did see a generic Sony style memory stick in FNAC - significantly cheaper than the Sony equivalent - anyone tried the 2nd source yet ? Any problems?

the stick/reader pack i bought if from “Apacer.”
i’d never heard of them before, but the price was right.
haven’t had any prob’s whatsoever.

I have been looking at digital cameras myself and have found this site to be a good source of info and reviews…

I have been looking at digital cameras myself and have found this site to be a good source of info and reviews…

for a REALLY good digital camera website check out Digital Photography riview at

If Olympus cameras are so great why did they release a model with glaring bug in it? Why do they have “lens caps” at all rather than an automatic lens protector?[/quote]

They made a mistake on that camera, but corrected it in the 4040. Too bad the 3040 still has the problem. I still like my camera. Takes great pics.

Well I’ve been humming and harring for ages about which compact digital camera to get by looking at all the reviews on the Internet (dpreview is the best site btw, thanks monkbucket).

I finally plumped for the Olympus D40-Zoom (C40-Zoom), and was about to hand over the cash when the guy in the store mentioned an updated version to be released in November, the C50-Z which is the compact version of the C5050Z, out at the same time.
They have 5, yes five, megapixels, which sounds like overkill, plus other bells and whistles so now I reckon I am going to wait and read the reviews of that one first. There’s little info about it so far. Anyone know anything about it?

Also, what’s all this nonsense about the new xD-picture card by Olympus? They claim to have 256MB of memory, be compatible with other cameras and that in the future will have 8GB of memory - WOW! Grateful for any info or comments on the above.

One thing I found about the Olympus 3040 that I HATE is that the warranty is NOT international. I bought my camera in the US, so I have to have it serviced in the US, or I have to pay the Taiwan office NT$6000 just to LOOK at the camera, not even to fix it. If they can’t find the problem, it still costs me NT$6000. If you buy a camera here, it will have to be repaired here, and you will have the same problem when you go back home.

My Olympus 3040z is having issues. It seems to “overheat” or something, and stops working after about 40 shots. And to get it repaired, I will have to spend a fortune shipping it back to the US. I am NOT pleased by this little feature! That’s for sure!!! :slight_smile:

Just something to be aware of when making your purchasing decision! (Otherwise it’s a great camera, despite the lense cover hassle!)


I have been comparing the prices of digital cameras on Amazon and those in Nova (Taipei Train Station) and the price there seemed to be at least 10-20% higher than even the listed retail price.

Where’s a good place to get digital camera for a decent price?
Where’s Bo Ai Rd?


Bo Ai Road (博愛) is between the Hsinkuang Tower (新光) and the Foreign Affaris Police Station. There are a lot of film and video camera shops in that area.

another great site with loads of user reviews, scroll to the bottom they have sites for stereos and all kinds of stuff too.

I bought a Sony 3megapixel a while back and have been very happy with it, i would recommend them. i personally havent had felt constrained by the “small” 32mb size of the memory stick, and my new acer computer even has a dedicated slot for it.

like my sony 3megapixel a lot. haven’t had a problem with the “small” size of my 32megabyte memory stick, i’m sure some might though. but hey, my new acer computer has a dedicated slot for it, nice.

another great review site is at

if you scroll down there are links to their affiliated sites, i’ve used the audio review site a lot, loads of user reviews.

I kept my Canon Ixus for 6 months and gave up in favour of the Olympus C-40. Now that I’ve had that for a year, I’m looking around for something better. Any recommendations? I’d like something of roughly the same size - I put the C-40 in my jeans pocket - but better image quality.

I thought of the C-50 but after looking at the reviews it’s just an incremental improvement over the C-40, and a small increment at that. So it’s auto-USB, but how many different PCs are you going to use? Plus if it’s 5 megapixels… that’s going to eat up into my memory cards really quickly, and the quality may not be better.

I say this because I’ve seen what a 1.5 megapixel Olympus digital SLR can do. The pictures may be just 270K in size, but in terms of the way the light has been captured and the zooms possible, it beats the C-40 any day.

For the 1.5 megapixel digital SLR, see:

For the 4-megapixel C-40, see:

To Karen: My Olympus started shutting itself off after I bought a 6-in-1 USB card reader and used it with my Olympus Smartmedia card. I formatted the card and it doesn’t happen any more.

And while I’m sure the Ixus 300 is a lot better than the plain Ixus, Canon cameras (I tested the S40, which came out after the 300) does have a problem with low light conditions, e.g. indoors and at night, that the Olympus deals with much better.

For examples of how bad it can be with the Canon, visit and check the album on Dad’s birthday.

The only question is whether Nikon or Fuji or Sony could do even better. I’m willing to try another brand of camera.

I decided I want a Sony, and I’m looking at the P2 or P79. They’re about the same price thef differences are that the P2 is smaller, has 2.0 Meg (is it meg?) and when recording clips records sound as well. The P79 is bigger, has 3.2 resolution, but no sound recording. of course i want a smaller camera and sound, so the question is - would I really notice the difference in res a)on the computer? b)if I print photo size? c)if I print A4?


Bri, definitely go for the 3.2 mega pixels of res. 2 megs just doesn’t cut it - any picture that you want to use for a screen saver will look fuzzy and your printed photos won’t look too hot either.

If I were you though, I would be lusting after the SONY DSC-P9. Now that’s a sexy little camera!

Bri, I just bought the Sony DSC P71, 3.2 Megapixel. Pretty nice and cheap. Doesn’t have a microphone for MPEG though, but well, that’s what my vid cam is for. If you want something just for attaching pictures on an email, you might consider getting a video camera, but for printing pics, then like Maoman said, skip the 2.0 mega, that’s shit. Even camcorders these days can pretty much match that.

I am thinking of purchasing a digital camera and after doing some research on the 'net the Sony DSC P71 is one of the cameras I am interested in.

Amos, how much did you pay for yours and have you had any problems with it? Also did you need to purchase extra batteries, a memory card, etc.? Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Wix, money wasn’t much of an issue for me as I had SOGO vouchers given to me as a gift. I therefore bought it from there. It cost, um, about $11,800 I think. I then saw it later in the day at the dig cam area for $NT11,000. So you be able to bargain that down I’m sure.

I haven’t had any probs at all. It’s a nice little unit. I’ve only had it for 3 days though. I bought a Sony rapid charger for $NT1,500, it charges the batteries in 1 hour. The charger that comes in the box take 13hrs to fully charge them! The rapid charger also had 2 batteries included (so that’s 4 now). Memory stick is only 16mb. Doesn’t hold many photos, so you’d have to buy a bigger stick. My private’s mother gave me a couple of 128mb, so I’m pretty set there. But they’re not cheap. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what camera you buy, you’re always going to need memory sticks.

Again, I reckon it’s a nice little unit, and perfect for me. Cheers, Amos.

Maoman, thanks, now I want the P9. So how does it compare in price to the P71?

(If I go into the shop and ask for the P9, will they think I’m asking for beer?)