Digital (metalheadz/function records) in Taipei

TBP 静海基地 & Urban Asia proudly present:

Metalheadz/Function Records

2014.3.22 (Sat)


**Address: No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City | MRT Yuanshan station EXIT 1 (Taipei Expo Park)

地址: 台北市中山區玉門街1號 | 捷運圓山站1號出口花博廣場內

400NT w/2 free drinks

2014.3.22 (sat)

我們誠摯歡迎鼓打貝斯界傳奇來到台灣,他將出現在花博的Triangle! 千萬別錯過真正屬於原創風格的他和台灣一些頂尖好手現場B2B的表演!!!

It’s a welcome return to one of the true legends in the field of Dnb. Digital makes his way back to this island for an appearance at Triangle. Be sure not to miss a packed evening featuring back to back sets from some of the best in Taiwan. One of the truly original junglist and proper bass flavor!
台北市玉門街1號 / 中山北路 民族西路口

B2B sessions 碟對碟…的演出

Rich vs Robi Roka
Lai vs Subtle
C-Type vs DTR

SLS Lasers

Digital (UK) Metalheadz/Function Records

鼓打貝斯傳奇製作人Digital早在90年代便以他辨識度極高的音色和dub味濃厚的bassline建立名聲,創作出許多膾炙人口的單曲如”Phantom Force”、”Deadline”、”Waterhouse Dub”…等。獨樹一格的曲風不僅抓住了粉絲的耳朵,更是受到各大DJ的擁護愛戴,連鼓打貝斯天王Andy C到現在都還常把Digital幾首經典單曲加在set裡面!鼓打貝斯的老骨頭們千萬別錯過這場派對,如果你沒聽過Digital,更應該親自來感受一下那有點old school、帶點科技感、卻又很dub的Digital式鼓打貝斯!

Digital aka Steve Carr is the primary musical moniker. This Ipswich based producer is known exclusively for his old skool beatz and dubby B-lines but a short conversation and a little investigative listening indicate this is one producer likely to pull a few seriously weighty tricks out of the bag. Digital has been involved in music all of his life, particularly reggae. Main influences being from his father having run a sound system for about thirty years. His musical tag & skills come from his knack at tampering with electronic equipment from the early age of fourteen. From about 1989 to 1991 Digital was busy running around playing reggae with sound systems, till the fateful period when all this rave business crept in. Around 1991 the scene started to grow heavily in Ipswich and the surroundings areas. Digital started hiring out his sound system to various promoters having raves in and around Ipswich, this is when he started checking out the scene and its music.
1991 was also the year Digital met Danny C. The two eventually joined forces to produce Split Personality for Certificate 18 under the guise of Authorized Riddim in 94. Steve got to know Rupert Parkes, best known as Photek, around town in Ipswich who helped him get underway on his own studio. His first solo release was Touch Me on Timeless Recordings in 1995 but it was the phenomenal Spacefunk also on Timeless that really showcased his talents alongside tracks such as Down Under on Metalheadz that put his name firmly on the map. To follow was a host of releases for likes of Moving Shadow, Photek Productions and Creative Source.
In 1998 Digital teamed up with friend & Producer Duncan Busto a.k.a. Spirit and set up Phantom Audio . It arose from the desire to have their own base where there was no set musical agenda. Their debut release, Phantom Force has already found a prominent place in the sets of DJs as Grooverider, Fabio, Goldie, Storm, Randall, Andy C, Hype, Ed Rush and Optical alongside a whole host of others. Phantom Force has caused a huge demand and has become one of the most played tracks of 1999, 2000 and is still receiving play to this day in 2010.
Digital & the Phantom Audio sound has formally made its mark in the drum and bass circle with the appearance of Crash on the Renegade Hardware LP Armageddon, and reworks of Guardians Of Dalliance Transient also Loxy & Inks Airlock. Featured on the Movement Perpetual Motion LP One Ton, Eaze Off & Remote Control + Phantom Force(P.Audio), the mighty Metalheadz Platinum Breakz LP Vols 1, 2 & 3 & the Legendary limited Edition Enforcers Vols 2 & 3 on Reinforced.
In 2009 Digital renewed a collaboration with Outrage. A collaboration between longtime friends resulting in the highly -anticipated album Red Letter. Quickly followed by remixes from two of D&B’s big honcho’s : Tech Itch and S.P.Y.
2010 already saw releases of “Lifeline” and “Magic” (Digital & Outrage) on Backlash Records and “Weatherman” (Digital) and “Shanty” (Digital & Morphy) on Exit Records, with more to follow soon.

C-Type (UK): This dedicated D&B DJ is known for playing across the spectrum, but specializing in the techy, soulful and funky sounds of labels such as Break’s Symmetry, State of Mind Recordings (NZ), and Ant TC1’s Dispatch Recordings. His relentless and rolling sets at Revolver Bar’s Night Zoo events, along with regular appearances at Earthfest and Tranquility Bass parties have invariably cemented his position within the scene.

來自於Drum&Bass發源地英國的C-type是一位很用功的DJ,非常致力於推廣各式不同型態的D&B,旅居於台灣的他活躍於許多地下電音場景如地球革命EarthFest Revolutions/Rumble (Funktion One)/Syncopation (Tranquility Bass),在他的的選曲中可以聽出Drum&Bass樂風中各種細分與演變的巧妙,總是可以把各個時期的D&B做出最好的詮釋。

▀ Robi Roka (UK) originally from South London was Influenced from an early age by drum and bass and Jungle and held residencies as an MC on Flashback FM and Taste FM where his love for DJing developed and went on to play at some of the biggest clubs in London including Bagleys, Scala and Brixton Mass playing alongside Andy C, Hype, Matrix, Digital, Kenny Ken and many more.

▀ Rich (NZ) (Tranquility Bass Productions) : Longtime promoter of Drum & Bass in Taiwan, he is responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in the genre to Taiwan over the past years, including Andy C, Hype, Pendulum, Subfocus, Matrix, John B and Digital. Rich’s high energy selections have won him opportunities to perform on some of the largest soundsystems in Taiwan and share the stage with the most renowned figures of D&B.

長期在台灣推廣DNB的DJ Rich,在過去幾年中,積極的邀請國際知名的DNB製作人及DJ來台灣舉辦活動,包括Andy C 、DJ Hype、Pendulum、 Subfocus, 、Matrix、 John B 及 Digital。他熱情具並有活力的風格,為他帶來無比榮耀及與DNB國際級巨星站上同一個舞台。

▀ Lai (Agnst Asia) is a young talent whose impact on the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene in this city cannot be underestimated. Moving dancefloors in cooperation with Agnst.Asia, AB Koo, Earthfest Revolutions, Just One Fix, Tranquility Bass, Night Zoo and others - without Lai on the bill it’s not really a party. Champion of the sounds of legendary D&B labels such as Ram Records, Shogun Audio and Critical Music, Lai’s set will be undoubtedly worth catching. Lai’s star is on a blazing trajectory.

DJ LAI自出道以來便透過剽悍精準的接歌持續轟炸舞池,高能又流暢的DJ set已讓他在台灣drum ’n’ bass圈十分活躍。近期舉凡Agnst.Asia, AB Koo, Earthfest Revolutions, Just One Fix, Tranquility Bass, Night Zoo…等派對團體,只要有舉辦drum ’n’ bass party都可以看到他打碟的身影。究竟,DJ LAI的混音快手這回會帶來什麼樣爆裂的set?就讓我們繼續看下去…!

▀ DTR (US): Making past appearances with Night Zoo, Korner, Tranquility Bass and Earthfest, this Dubstep producer has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the deep, minimal and dubwise. An expert 3 deck mixer with forward thinking experimental sounds in both 140 and 170 bpm, his productions have received plays from FatKidOnFire’s Korrupt (NL) and include an upcoming release on a compilation alongside Dubstep legend Jack Sparrow (Deep Medi).

擁有電音血統的DTR曾參與Tranquility Bass 、戶外音樂盛會EarthFest Productions、Korner及Night Zoo。不但能製作Dubstep音樂,同時擁有前瞻思維及超高混音天份。近日更爐火純青的在minimal及 deep領域發展,巧妙融合空間與背景,創造另一個四度迷幻空間。近期製作音樂更被荷蘭Korrupt於FatKidOnFire展演露出。未曝光的新曲即將榮耀與Dubstep傳奇人物Jack Sparrow (Deep Medi)共同收錄及發行。

▀ StoppaMC (UK): Musician , singer, producer and MC, this man of many talents is best known for combining his lyrical skills with all kinds of music including Drum&Bass, Hip-Hop, Breaks and Dubstep. Recently hosting for none other than the executioner himself, Andy C - StoppaMC is a consummate professional dedicated to keeping the vibes flowing.

英格蘭純正血統的StoppaMC,是唱將、音樂家、音樂製作人,同時具備高超口技的MC。 多才多藝的他 ,最出名為其創作天分,能在各種不同的音樂領域中,加上超嗆自創歌詞,包含Drum&Bass、 Hip-Hop、 Breaks 及Dubstep。近幾年更是國外知名Drum&Bass DJ來台舉辦活動之御用MC,今年更是在Andy C表演會上大放異彩。 StoppaMC精湛的技巧及光環更是讓PARTY嗨一整晚的主要元素。

注意事項 NOTICE:

▴ 禁止攜帶外食飲料
Outside foods & beverages are not allowed

▴ 禁止攜帶違禁品
Contraband Prohibited

▴ 未滿十八歲不得入場
Under Age of 18 are not allowed

▴ 請攜帶身分證件
Please bring valid ID