Digital money (prepay debit cards) at 7-11

I noticed that 7-11 now sell something called an iCash or iMoney pre-paid card for use in their stores. Does anybody have more information on this? What discounts do they offer in store, etc?

Also, I notice that they have the EasyCard logo behind the counter. Is this for upping the money on your Easycard (for bus/train travel) or can you pay for goods in 7-11 with your EasyCard.

Generally, just interested in what’s happening with digital money in Taiwan.

Thanks in advance.

The last article I read about the 7-11 stored value card is that they were testing it out in selected stores and don’t expect to expand it until next year. So unless you frequent a store that has it, it will have limited usefullness.

As for the EasyCard logo, many convenience stores allow you to add money to your EasyCard or buy a new EasyCard. Last time I did it they only let you add in 500 dollar increments though, while you can do 100 dollar increments in the machines in the MRT stations. Personally I just use the machines because they speak English. :slight_smile:

our 7-11 has it… but what’s with this E-Money…? Why do I have to give my money to a store, BEFORE I get to use it?

Doesn’t make much sense to me. Cash is just as good.

Unless there’s a built in incentive, or an over riding advantage, it won’t work.


Convenience, but only if I get a decent discount at the store and I didn’t have to give any personal details away when I first bought the card. I’d want at least 10% off to pay up front (for the risk of losing the card, and loyalty). But the native speaker I asked found the 7-11 brochure’s Chinese confusing, so I haven’t yet worked out whether the offer is good.