Digital song to cassette tape?


I’d like to be able to use songs for teaching that I download from the Internet. They would start out stored in some type of digital format on the laptop. However, in the class, I must have the song on cassette tape.

What is the best low-tech, low-cost method that you can think of for me to get digital songs onto cassette tape. I have an ordinary cassette tape player and a laptop to work with. Seems that I just need some way to use the laptop as an output device via some type of input cord to the cassette tape recorder. ?? The sound must be clear as the main teaching objective is listening for the lyrics.

Any tips would be appreciated.


If there’s a microphone jack on the casette tape player, just connect it to the speaker jack on your computer. Since they are both likely to be 1/8" (3.5 cm) jacks, beg, borrow, or steal a cable that has one jack on each end. They cost about 40 NT and are sold at local shops and at 3C. I think the sound you get will be reasonable. Check different volumes to see what the best volume is for the best sound quality.

You said you can’t use your computer during the class. I think that’s because space is usually limited in a classroom. If you manage to find the space to set up your computer, you can buy a set of computer speakers and play directly from your computer. It will be more convenient, because you can select the track you want to play.

Or get a cheap mp3 player to use with those external speakers that twocs sugested you buy.

Many newer inexpensive boom-boxes that are in the classroom support mp3 now. They work pretty well but, I’d recommend that you check it out before your class.

Mine, a Dennys’ unit supports mp3/vcd/cdr and cd-rw but doesn’t support multisessions (tracks added later) or low sample rates. Some of my CD’s sound like mickey mouse.

Personally for me, I’m going to upgrade to the personal mp3 player and carry speakers with me.

Good luck.