Digital Terrestrial TV

I have been told there is at least one company in Taipei which is providing digital television via a set-top box. I have been told it is 5K for the box and 11K a year, and that you can get BBC World on it. However, I have also been told that it is only available in certain areas.

If it’s available in my area I want it. Does anyone have a phone number or a web address ?

Is this it ? … ss_seq=300

CNS Public Relations Manager
Judy Chiang,
886-2-2719-7171 ext. 2147

the Eastern Multimredia group does set-top boxes. I know someone who works for them though not in sales. PM me if you want his email

[Edit There’s a phone number given in this thread:]

Would I get English language ESPN and Star if I got this ? Has anyone got it ?