Dill & Deli Pickles from strange countries. tried it?

I’m getting a craving for some good NY Kosher Style Pickles. For years I’d pass my familiar New York Brands but now I want to buy some. Now, all I can find are unknown brands from Turkey, Malaysia and a strange US company called Flavorite.
I can’t imagine these countries understanding the Art of a Kosher dill pickle!

Have you tried any of these off brands? Do you know where I can find some authentic US product in Kaohsiung?

The best I’ve seen in Koahsiung are Vlasic. They can be bought at Walleson’s (a.k.a. The Pineapple Store) on Buen Gwan Rd.

Pregnant? :laughing:

Found Great tasting Dill Pickles in Costco. They’re called Farman’s Home Style Baby Dills. It’s a pretty popular brand on the West Coast that I was unfamiliar with. It started in 1944 by a guy who was dubbed the Pickle King. I’m happy. Now I got something to go with my Chicken sandwich.

Now where can I find some hot peppers in a jar to put on my sandwich?