Dill Hamburger Relish

Anyone know where I can find Dill Hamburger Relish?

I want to BBQ some burgers and dogs and I don’t like sweet relish.

There’s a guy on the Wushing Street Day Market who sells it in bulk…I think it’s the same dude who sells the kickass black peppercorn sauerkraut.
But mornings only, not at night.
Jason’s might have it, too.

He sells it in bulk? Who in Taiwan buys it and how exactly does he sell it?

Does he put it in a bag or something?

Yeah, in a bag.

[quote=“the chief”] kickass black peppercorn sauerkraut.

That sounds really interesting. Might be worth a trip up to Taipei to give it a taste. By the way chief, I got the peppers for you. Take a look at the site on Saturday. I should have it on there then. Still recovering from Jet Lag. (Seems more booze isn’t the cure to Jet Lag)