Dill Pickle Pizza

NYC pizza has come a long way in the past few decades. When I was a kid you could get two kinds of slices, with a range of standard toppings like sausage or mushrooms, and maybe a calzone or a stromboli. When some place created something new like a white clam pie, it was a major local event. Now, the different variations are only limited to the chef’s creativity. That being said, I am pretty sure a dill pickle pizza–despite more Italian and Jewish Americans rubbing into each other there than anywhere else, easily–has not yet been seen there. It sounds really good though.

Those “standard toppings” are the only acceptable ones! :wink: I’m a New Yorker, and we consider ham and pineapple pizza a blasphemous crime punishable by death. I can’t even imagine what the average Noo Yawka thinks about pickles on pizza. :nauseated_face:


Pineapple and even Hawaiian are starting to pop up though!

You know what they say about New Yorkers…

I always wanted to take the ferry over there for a pie but never got around to it.

Blame it on the out-of-towners! :shushing_face:

My little sister lives in this kind of bedroom town for families whose men work up North in the oilpatch.
Insanely huge expat Newfie community.
The most popular pizza/donair joint makes dill pickle wings. I had some last time I was back.
I’m not going to say they were the best thing I’ll ever have in my mouth, since I haven’t met Selma Hayek in person, but so far…
:banana: me…



I love pickles. More broadly, I love vinegar.

I’d…try it.

Old Dutch Dill Pickle potato chips (sweat)


In Montreal a few years ago I had the smoked meat pizza. Dill pickles, smoked meat, and mustard on the pizza. It was great

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Fried dill pickles on top of pizza now you’re talkin and apparently New Yorkers don’t know everything about pizza or we wouldn’t have deep dish pizzA. New York pizza just a cheap rip-off of real Italian pizza. Never seen any sardines on Pizza in New York but they have them in Italy

Dems fightin’ words.

Thin crust >>>> deep dish

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What borough are you from that might explain it


You’re from there are you live there there’s a big difference

I lived there most of my childhood and into junior high. My older brother still lives in Chelsea. And yeah, I was born there. I’m not a transplant if that’s what you’re asking.

I can’t argue with a Manhattan

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I’m just playing around though. Thin crust is definitely my favorite, but I do enjoy a bit of deep dish too. And I like Chicago a lot.

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