Dine-in Thanksgiving Dinner in Taichung

What places in Taichung will be offering a dine-in, order-by-the-plate Thanksgiving dinner? It looks like Finga’s is just a whole bird and take-out only. I can’t eat that much. :no-no:

It looks like PJ’s Cafe (~$200nt, Nov 22-24), Finga’s (~$600nt), and Bystro (~$900, Nov 22, 23) all have something. Anywhere else?

Bystro’s Thanksgiving dinner was very good. The mushroom soup was a great way to start. The turkey and gravy were excellent, those were real mashed potatoes, and that was the best stuffing I’ve had in Taiwan. The pumpkin pie was perfect. The bread and salad were the only low points for me.

If people are looking for some place to go next year, this is definitely one to consider.