Dinner for special occasion


My son’s 18th coming up so looking for dinner suggestions. Can be a little flexible over Western or Asian but are there any stand out restaurants? Quality and atmosphere would take precedence over formal fine dining/nouveau cuisine nonsense.



Yum. Danny’s Whats Grill. http://travelerliv.com/blog/post/183299883-[美食]-台北-內湖danny’s-whats-green-%26-whats-grill-牛


Can you expand on the atmosphere? Like a festival atmosphere or luxurious atmosphere or music Atmosphere or outdoor atmosphere or atmosphere for younger people or trendy atmosphere our atmosphere with a view or?


Thanks for the replies.

We could have a winner with Danny’s.

Hi Tango - I meant somewhere that was not stilted and formal ie like a top end hotel restaurant.




Hooters are good for any occasion. Oops, I meant Hooters is good.


“Quality and atmosphere”…where’s your head at?


yeah boii


I’d actually recommend Ruth’s Chris. A big-ass steak will make him feel like a man, and the (very large portioned) desserts will satisfy his adolescent sweet tooth.


Hooters. Erm, no.

Danny’s or Ruth Chris it is!

Thanks all


I wouldn’t say either of those has atmosphere. Could try Morton’s rooftop with view of Taipei 101 and entire city.


Modern Toilet


It would be a harsh wake-up call for an 18 year old. You get sold hooters, but they’re disappointing. A bit like life.


We went to Danny’s WhatsUp Grill which was fine.

The only odd thing was that for a 7:30pm reservation we were the only people in the restaurant? I can’t believe it is common for Taipei to eat early so was it just the location?


That area is a business district is quite busy at lunch time but most evenings rarely full and could even be empty.


Le Blanc- really good food for the price. 10 oz ribeye is 1000nt


I second for le blanc!