Dino Zavolta Cooks Italian!

For just a few more days, through August 12 (I think), Dino Zavolta, drummer from China Blue, will be cooking at this restaurant in San Zhi: tw.lifestyle.yahoo.com/biz.html? … 924b4ce43e It’s all in Chinese, but at least there’s a map and the phone number.

My friends and I went on Tuesday. Great food, the guy can really cook. If you have the chance, call for reservations and give it a try. Dino’s sauce is homemade, starting with fresh tomatoes, not canned. His meatballs are also handmade. I wish I had time to go back and get some eggplant parmesan…

Took some photos, you can see them here: pbase.com/500fan/dinocookspublic