Diplo - June 30, 2010 - Luxy

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Taipei and I’m not exactly sure what the general procedures for this is. I noticed that Diplo will be playing at Luxy on June 30th, 2010, however, I don’t know if it’s a ticketed event or do I simply need to show up and pay at the door. I looked around and can’t seem to find any information on this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You can probably pay on the door. I photographed him in January at Luxy and it wasn’t quite full, but there were still a lot of people.

I was there last time as well. It likely didn’t have a huge crowd cause it was on a Thursday. Wednesdays are generally larger crowds so the 30th should be a better scene, weather permitting. I bought my ticket in advance, they were cheaper that way, but you can get em at the door too. Check the Luxy website or Facebook event page if they have one to see where they’re sold.

I’m actually really excited for this event and have tried to find advance tickets for the event but I have had no luck. I went to both Taosteria’s and Kiwi Gourmet Burger as the flier listed them. Does Luxy sell advance tickets themselves or anyone know where to get tickets please let me know.

I’m one of the promoters of the event. We just got tickets printed on Friday and they should be at the locations ASAP. Since you have already tried without luck, I will personally deliver the tickets to your front door. Please send me your phone number and address and times available to djmarcusa (at) gmail (dot) com and we can figure it out. Thanks for the support and this show is going to be bananas

this show is gonna be very banannas because it is MAJOR LAZER and not just Diplo’s DJ set.

it will also feature dance/mc/daggering extraordinaire Skerrit Bwoy, brought to this country at great expense and from great distance.

did i mention it was also ladies night with special low-low-price for the gals? jes take a look at this flyer and tell me i’m wrong

Explain “daggering” to me.
Does it involve frantic pelvic thrusting by any chance? :ponder:

hahaha. glad you asked about daggerin’

Skerrit Bwoy’s Daggerin 101

and the report from Major Lazer’s show at SxSW a few months back.

Got 2 or 3 of the best reggae dancers in Taiwan going to perform as well as a ton of other surprises to blow people’s minds for this one

If anyone needs tickets (300 girls 600 guys), I am at Taipei Main Station all weekdays from 8-5.30 and can run down and get them for you. PM me for details

Got an extra promo ticket kicking around for the poor Events Mod?

I’m sorry. When dealing with MAJOR events like this, the guestlist is extremely limited because we are bringing in quality entertainment and managers, etc. But, I can deliver tickets to your door

somebody is getting daggered, watch out hoes! :discodance:

The daggering video was AWESOME and made me laugh. Great stuff! I will think about going to the concert. I’m a bit of a coward, though.

Dry fucking, we used to call it. Generally done without an audience and a poor excuse for the real thing. Wonder if they also have a stinky pinkie “dance.” :laughing:

At least its the safest sex possible…till her boyfriend sees you. :no-no:

dooooood whaaaa?! I’m so there for this!

meija lazehh.

i mean, c’mon. lets see anyone top this!!

she won’t be there. i don’t think but skerrit will be climbing on stuff. you can bet on that

btw; this is SXSW 2010.

Does that mean the long middle VIP line that is usually longer than the right side buying tickets will be empty on Wednesday? I find that extremely hard to believe. It’s still ladies night, and they still need to fill the place.

If the mod of EVENTS on forumosadotcom can’t get on the guest list for your trifling soiree, what chance to you stand of attending one of his pineapple parties? Focus, man! I mean, “MAJOR” event? Ridiculous.

Perhaps we should run the great pineapple party on the same night. THAT would be stiff competition. It would no doubt bite heavily into his bottom line. I’d cancel it of course and concede defeat in exchange for a free ticket to Diplo. I can be bought off like that.