Diploma Situation~~HELP!

I’m planning to move and work in Taiwan, but I ran into a bit of a speed bump.

I’ve had a few job offers but my registrar just told me it takes like three months for the diplomas to come in. See, I’m supposed to graduate in May. So, instead of starting work in June, does this mean I have to start as late as August? Or can I print transcripts and have them contact the school for validation that I’ve graduated recently?

I remember hearing that it’s an actual law, right, and not just a “norm”? Schools must have their teachers’ diplomas on file? If that’s right, what about printing a fake degree with real transcripts?

Any other options? I don’t want to miss out on the tax rebate. Please help me, I want to see my girlfriend as soon as possible!

First of all, the professional thing to do is to have your transcripts mailed directly to the school from your university. Secondly, when I graduated I had the same problem, but I was headed to S. Korea. I got the registrar to print a copy of my diploma–that I didn’t actually have yet, but after grades were in and there was no question of my graduating–and got the university president to sign it saying that it was only for procuring employment and that I WOULD be receiving the original in a few weeks. That worked for me–thirteen years ago in S. Korea. I did bring in the original once I had it.

I have no idea if this would work for you, but at least it’s a place to begin and you can start finding out if it might work for you.

don’t fake it if you’re getting the real deal soon…rather wait a little bit. If your girlfriend is already here, you can have her call the authorities…or have someone at her school do it, and ask them if transcripts will be allowed if they can get a confirmation from the school. They are really catching on to fake degrees, and once they catch you, they won’t be interested in your story, and it may ruin your future here…