Direct bus to Kenting (from Taichung)?


I’m heading to Kenting for Spring Scream. Anyone know of a direct bus from Taichung to Kenting. Preferably leaving on Thursday night? From where in the Jung, and what time/s? The cost estimate?


I’d like some info too. Will there be dance music aka techno/trance/breaks or whatever. If so where and when? Thanks

Read one of yesterday’s newspapers. Tickets to some of the parties include bus trips.


what we usually do is go to Kaoshiung via plane or bus… then there we rent scooters… its a two hour drive to Kenting… but when you arein Kenting you have some freedom with the scooter and renting a scooter in Kaoshuing is a lot cheaper

Sounds like a reaonable plan.

Where do I hire the scooter from if I arrive by bus/train in Kaoshung. Would probably arrive early morning Friday or around midnight on Thursday. And the cost? What do I need to show the geezers (ARC, licence from back home?)

Do buses run through the night (Taichung - Kaoshung, Kaoshung - Kending)?