Direct Flights to China @ CNY - but need Taiwanese ID card

Apple Daily page 4, checked with travel agent. Ticket restriction: Just one, Taiwanese ID card holder. ARC not enough. They will be around NT$13,000. Grrrr. I paid NT$23,000 x 2 last year.

Last year you needed to be a Taishang or family visiting a Taishang. (Taishang = Taiwanese person living in China for business reasons, and for flight purposes holding an indentity letter from the Taishang Chamber of Commerce in China or whatever it’s called.)

opening this up to all Taiwanese citizens is quite a relaxation of the rules. It’s estimated there will be 26 flights in all. TA says this will take a bit of pressure of the price of “normal” (i.e. via Timbuctoo) tickets which should be cheaper than last year, oil prices notwithstanding.

TA also says there are rumours that by March or so the restrictions will be lifted and Johnny Foreigner can fly direct on scheduled flights.

Hmmm. Heard that one before.

Anyone heard any more news about when foreigners might be able to use these tickets? I would have thought being a Taiwan resident should be enough. Pity.

Could it finally be happening? Weekends in China? Sipping lagers whilst floating down Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan of a Saturday afternoon?

Just rang China Airlines on (02) 2715 1212 [1 for Guoyu, 9 for Operator] and they say they have not yet released details and cannot say whether the flights are limited to Taiwanese ID card holders only.

The other numbers provided by the Apple Daily are:

EVA 2501 1999
FAT 3393 5388
Li Rong 2518 5166
Hua Xin 2717 1230
Fu Xing 2972 4599

The Apple Daily says people are booking away like mad. But CAL says no. Hmmm.