Direct line to Santa

Christmas is coming, so don’t forget to tell the man what you want.

It’s not what I want that’s a problem. The problem is what to get for everyone else. Since I’ve been in Taiwan I’ve felt I should buy all the members of the family presents that are Taiwanese or chinese, but after a few years they don’t need anymore teapots or incense or bamboo sticks to beat themselves with. In the past the 4 story handicraft mart next to NTU hospital was a decent source, but I think I’ve exhausted that place. So, now I’ve just returned from the jade market and deaf people’s market, where I got a few useless articles to show my love for my kin. My best buy was a cheap plastic rope with pointed rollers in the middle that you grab with each hand and roll back and forth across your back for a massage. Totally silly, yes, but just NT$200 and it feels good. Plus, that’s just the kind of crap you won’t find back home. :slight_smile:

Post deleted because it was very silly and unfunny.