Directions for scooters and motorcycles - Finally!

Hey, just thought some others might find this useful, I just found it online. It takes in to account scooter lanes, where scooters are not allowed, left turns, etc. Stuff Google Maps doesn’t do, since it’s not specific to Taiwan. Unfortunately it’s Chinese only but I’m posting a screenshot for anyone who needs…

Site is:

Put your starting point in (1), then the yellow man pops up with his dialog box and click (2) to set as start point. Then put in your destination back at (1) and click (3) to set as destination. The tab (4) should be automatically selected, but if it’s not then select it.

Now pick for scooter directions at (5), and then click (6) to plan the route. Other options are car (left) and public transport (middle).

Hope this helps your travel planning!

If that actually works… great idea!