Directions to Costco coming up on the Freeway?

I live in Chung-Li, the #1 and #3 are both close to my house. And I’d like to know which is the easiest Costco to get to if heading up one of the freeways. I’ve heard that there’s one right near an exit. I’ve never been…and I’m sure my girlfriend would be in heaven there.

Take the #3 north and get off at the Nangang/Xizhi exit. Once you’re in the exit, head in the Nangang direction, take the left fork on to Xintaiwu Road. At the bottom of Xintaiwu Road, at the intersection with Datong Road, you’ll see the Xizhi Costco on the left hand side. You know you need a membership to shop there, right? If you don’t have one already, you’ll have to purchase one.

The Neihu Costco is close to the #1 freeway, you go past the city airport and it’s the exit after it, I can’t remember what it says on the sign, but it’s just as you cross the river. Once you get off, stay in the right lane, then it’s the first turn on your left, then the second on your right if I remember right. There’s a big shopping area around there anyhow with a big 3C shop and a Carrefour and loads of other shops. Sorry for the somewhat lacking instructions…

None of the three are far from the freeway, but the Zhonghe location is closest to us. Take that nasty Panchiao exit off the 3, then stay to the left and drop down. Take a right on the first large intersection you hit (has a dedicated right turn lane, and go straight for about 1km. It’s on your right.

I think that’s ZhongShan Rd, if that helps. Once you’ve dropped down the ramp, get into the right lane, as it’s easier if you start on the right rather than try to get through the heavy traffic that’s always there.

Thanks muchly guys…I’m sure my girlfriend will be in heaven there…next pay check.

My woman said it costs something like $1500 for membership, and that’s yearly. Can anyone confirm this?

it was 1200 last time I went.

You know, I wonder if Costco would do a business type membership for forumosans. I understand that is cheaper. It’s not like membership gives you credit or anything, just the right to step in the door, so it’d be a win-win if 'mosans got a deal.

$1200 sounds more like it, yeah.

They do special deals for companies, but you have to be an employee of those companies and you can get an employee card. It’s kinda different here I guess, as in the UK you just can’t sign up if you don’t own a business or if your company has a special deal with Costco that allows their employees to join. And the yearly fee can be saved quite quickly if you buy sensible things there, which never happens…

Yeah, I pretty much gave up going.

I was spending 10,000nt each time and buying stuff I didn’t need. I’m still going thru my 3rd bottle of this and 8th can of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but buying a tray of 12 blueberry muffins is stupid…as is the box of 500 plastic cutlery etc etc. (I mean, ironically, I couldn’t find it on saturday for the longtan track BBQ it’s been so long since I used it. I know there are 480 still in the house somewhere, but had to get some more at wellcome… :loco: )

Notice how many Costco regulars are also the ones who are battling the bulge. I don’t need any more help to get fat :s

That Pizza they sell just before the exit is pretty yummy.

I was just hoping on filling my empty freezer with stuff like pizza pops and buying canned soups from America…and stuff like that. As long as I use the stuff for meals I think in the long run I should be saving money?

I’d die without Costco. I mean it. I love cheese, and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to schlep up to Tienmu just to buy cheese. Or a cheesecake. And frozen yogurt. And Triscuits, etc.

The membership fee is peanuts, really. For a family, and buying in bulk, you can save more than enough to pay for it on your first shopping trip.

For singles like me, shopping at Costco is more of a convenience than a reason to save money. I like North American soup. I’m sorry, but Taiwanese soup doesn’t taste like anything to me.

And, I live 3 minutes from one, so it’s closer to me than a Wellcome! :laughing:

And yes, 12 muffins are a lot, but they can be frozen or shared with co-workers, friends, or with students at the end of class. :rainbow:

As far as memberships go, I was told that if you or your family, even a friend still has a membership back home, they can send you a card and it will work over here. I mean if your really stingy about saving some cash. I would love to get out to Costco, I need some hot pockets.

It will, does…though sometimes a manager has to key in a code to allow the transaction. At least that is what happened when I used my TW card back home. Don’t know how they would send you a card though; the card requires a picture taken at the time of application.

Here’s one, my dad sent me a Costco gift card for my birthday, CDN$50, and was told it could be used at any Costco around the world…haven’t tried it yet, I’ll have to take it along and ask next time I’m there. :wink: