Dirtytask.com 【幫幫忙】

Hey Guys,

Finally started my marketing campaign in Taiwan for my start-up website. Please help me out and hit the like and share button for facebook. Also you can win a ipad mini. Please help spread the word. Dirtytask.com 【幫幫忙】


Andy H

I’d really finish my Web site before launching. Doesn’t give a very good impression when everything is “under construction”.

I don’t like the website - it’s boring.

A Chinese home page should have at least 200 irrelevant links on it. There aren’t even any animated GIFs.

Most disappointing.

You also need at least 5 auto-play cheesy MIDI files… and videos as well as giant pop up advertisements. Now that’s a Taiwanese website.

“dirty deeds done dirt cheap” by ACDC should be your theme song.

in cheesy MIDI format.

WTF shall I do on this website? BTW, “WTF” is a saying in my ancestral home, with which we are asking for enlightenment.