Disc Golf in Taiwan

I’ve heard there are four or five disc golf courses in Taipei. Does anyone have any comments regarding experiences playing any of these courses? Is there anywhere to buy discs in Taipei?

I’m curious too. I used to play with some guys in the park under Hoping bridge but that was years ago (1995-96). They threw at trees. I’ve never seen baskets and I’ve never seen any discs for sale either. I"ll be curious to watch this post to see if anyone else has any information.

Any updates on tracks in Taipei or elsewhere in Taiwan? PDGA course list had nothing for Taiwan (what a surprise…)

The Taiwan Disc Golf Association is throwing their 2011 kick-off game at the 龍門 (Dragon Door) camp grounds located in Fulong (which is about 30 mins drive north of Yilan city) on the weekend of Jan. 8th - 9th (it’s a 2 day event/competition).
Any and all are welcome to come check it out.
For anyone interested, feel free to PM me for more info.
(it took me about 2 years to finally find the disc golf association here in Taiwan)


I’m a pretty avid disc golfer, but sadly haven’t played since I came to Taiwan.

Does anyone know of a store that sells disc golf equipment, where I might be able to find some info on the location of courses around Taipei?

Or, better yet, are there any players out there who need somebody to play with?

There’s a course in Banciao down on the riverside park around there, some of the baskets are in a bad state of repair, but it’s still pretty fun. I have no idea where you can get proper disc golf discs from, we used ultimate ones that a friend bought from back home.

Here is a link to EZ Flying Discs in Taipei:


They are the Innova distributor in Taiwan. It’s in Mandarin, so you may need to translate. There is an address and email at the bottom. I’m sure they’ll have info on where to get discs and where to play.

I’ve been looking for a disc golf course in Taipei, without any luck so far. I checked out the riverside park in Banciao, and didn’t see a single basket. It’s a big park, so maybe it’s farther south or north of where I went, but can anyone confirm it’s existence - or any other courses in or near the city? I heard of one down near Xindian, which I’m planning on looking for today, but if that flops, I’m out of leads.


I rode my bicycle by the Banqiao course this morning.
There was a sizable group of people playing.
I will try to remember exactly where …

That would be fantastic, man. I think I found one course… but it’s in Yilan. Meh.

[quote=“muffin”]I rode my bicycle by the Banqiao course this morning.
There was a sizable group of people playing.
I will try to remember exactly where …[/quote]

Any follow-up on this Banciao course? I haven’t made an extensive search of the riverside, but I’ve looked around several times, without seeing a basket yet.

Still seems to be no baskets west of Yilan, in the north of the island.

Sorry for the delay.
I rode past the course again a week ago.
It is by the bike path that goes under the Dahan Bridge. On the Banqiao side.

25.034258,121.461277 (Dahan River Bicycle Lane Banciao District New Taipei City 220 Taiwan)

I hope this helps. Each time I have ridden by there, there have been at least a few serious players on the course.

Cheers, man. I never checked that far north yet. I’ll be up there this weekend… weather permitting =D

There used to be a disc golf course here…


I can’t tell if the course is still there, but today, as I was riding past, I saw a couple of groups playing.

Just a lead. Hope it helps

Ya, I checked that out once, but it looks like it was taken down. The course above (25.034258,121.461277) is there, although it’s probably the worst kept course I’ve ever played on, it’s nice to finally throw a disc at something other than a tree =D

What?? Do you mean Yilan proper? I’m searching for discs & courses and happen to be located just south of Yilan in Luodong. Are you talking about the Fulong course? I’m trying to collect ANY info possible at the moment.

dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=4455 and a couple other Google hits I found a while back suggest a course in or very close to Yilan. I haven’t seen it though. I’m hoping to shoot over there on a weekend soon - I live in Taipei - and I would be damn disappointed if it’s not there. Is Fulong a legit course?

Thread dig :pick:

I see 4 in Taiwan from this website. 2 in Kaohsiung, 1 in Panchiao, 1 in Luodong.
Anyone know of any others out there?
A fun outdoor activity to play with the family.

I have been to the one in Banqiao on a riverside bike ride, but I did not play. Didn’t know you have those in Taiwan.

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I’m going to Hazard to say there are far more than 4 in Taiwan.

Have seen more than one along the Riverside Parks and have a friend that plays on a team all-around northern Taiwan.