Disconnecting adsl

I like to dial up my adsl every time I turn on the computer, and then disconnect when I stop using it. Last night my landlord’s friend asked to use my computer. I became a little suspicious when he phoned me at 2 in the morning to ask my adsl password because he did something wrong.
This morning when I turned on my computer, it connected to adsl automatically, and when I try to disconnect, the option to disconnect is no longer there.
How can I get it back?
The dude also rearranged all the icons on my desktop, and three of them now look like the kazaa icon.
What a freak!

??? Why would you give out your password details?

Is the ADSL box in your room? If it is not, he may have used a hub so he can share out the ADSL and asked the ADSL guys to automatically sign into the Internet.

BTW the landlord friend phoned you 2 am from the same building or elsewhere.

He was in my room, on my computer, I was out. For some reason my username is always highlighted/active when you open the adsl login box, so if anybody presses a key on the keyboard without moving the cursor first, all my login info gets erased. So I had to give him my passwords. I guess being permanently logged in is not a big problem?

No problem but you have to ask yourself why the landlord’s friend has to use your computer.

Have you tried right clicking on the ADSL icon and seeing if there’s a disconnect button? A bit more information about the operating system, ADSL software you’re using and other stuff would be useful in helping to solve the technical problem.

Another adsl/phone question: I live in an illegal apartment and when I moved in my landlord had the phone line and adsl installed already. Everything’s in his name and I never bothered to change that. I assume he used his own address (downstairs) when he applied for these lines.

Somebody’s moving in now and this person wants his own phone and adsl lines in his room. Is it possible to apply for these things if you live in an illegal place? Should I just phone the company and ask or rather not? I could probably just ask the landlord to sign for these things too, but I’d rather try to go the independent way on this one.

Thank you. :smiley:

You are a fool for giving out your password.

I’m assuming that you live in one of those roof-top “chicken shack” apartments that are often tacked onto the top floor of older buildings. If this is the case, I lived in a similar situation and had no trouble getting an ADSL line installed in my name. I think I had to get clearance from my landlord first. However, there was never any problems related to the legality of my apartment.