Discounted or second-hand quality and designer clothes

Where can one buy second-hand or discounted well-made clothes of quality materials like cashmere, linen, silk, as well as designer clothes? Is the only option going to the expensive department stores? Please email me at Ginny

I can find out by next week (If I forget to post by Thursday, let me know by PM). My husband’s cousin has a store where she sells second hand designer goods.

Men’s or women’s or both? Don’t tell me – only women’s. :frowning:

Right around the Hooters there is an outlet store for designer clothing. Men’s and women’s. Haven’t been for a while though.

Out in Neihu there used to be an outlet mall for designer clothing but it unfortunately closed. Saw a lovely Canali suit go down to NT7000 once. Still don’t know why I didn’t buy it. Fit me perfectly.

The best thing is to wait till the malls and shops have sales, which they do often. According to Forumosa’s resident Hungarian real estate agent, the malls in taipei are not doing well, so expect lots of sales. Also check out the Howard Hotel. They often have very big discounts but don’t make any announcements, not even in the store windows.

“Forumosa’s resident Hungarian real estate agent”??
That could be almost ANYONE! There must be at least 500. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nextdoor to the Neihu Costco is a newish outlet mall. A mad shopper I know (not Hungarian) swears that the discounts are 90% off Prada, DKNY etc. etc. May be worth a visit.

I found 2 outlet stores at Shi Da today at No. 70 & No. 72 龍泉街 Long Quan Street. Both men’s and women’s clothing are available. I got a nice Tommy Hilfiger jacket for NT 1,080 and a long-sleeve stretch top for just NT 100! My husband got a Kenneth Cole and Boss shirt for NT 690 each :slight_smile:

Tianmu on 中山北路

Still, I thought they all closed down years ago.

Here’s another outlet:

101 Warehouse
1F, No. 2, Lane 13, Yong Kang St
Tel: 2321-6938

There are some bags there as well.

At a recent social, I was asking a guy about his shirt. I knew it was pretty decent. Guy Laroche (I think) for less than $2000. Probably around 80% off. Unbelievable. Sunrise is the place; I’m not sure where it is. :slight_smile: