Discovery of extra arm artery in modern humans suggests evolution has not stopped: study

Sorry, i am not evolved enough to understand how to multiquote haha. To your question “Can you re-phrase the following, I don’t get the full meaning or relation to my previous message:”

What i was referring to was that the current style societies you and me live in certainly do not represent our species as a whole. And in that regard we cannot use , for lack of a better term, “western society” (meaning modern technology mostly) in a way to depict evolution of a species that lives everyone around the globe in very different environmental and cultural conditions. Although the way we tend to live often seems we have shut off our brains and we have become morons in many ways, in many other regions it may not be the case. Does the tadpole in this puddle really think much about the same species of tadpole in the puddle 10,000km away? We dont either it seems, but more people should because now we can learn about that other puddle fairly efficiently! That is the fun thing with humans, because we have scattered around the globe for a semi decent stretch of time we can see fairly clearly how different environmental situations have caused us to evolve differently. be it scandanavians to australians to east asians to central africans to etc.

Not to hurt some peoples feelings bringing this one up, but look up the thread human separations. My points there are as they are here, although i am not very popular here on these points, but hey just seem to be reality and not much bias or care either way. People really have evolved quite differently over millenia. Still the same species no doubt, but clearly distinct, and almost always due to long term constant environmental factors. Such a temperature, UV, topography etc.

I find the most fascinating aspect is how we became some nomadic so often and keep mixing now with our current technology.s convenience of transportation. This evolution of tech has directly in a sense taken our divergent evolutions of far away regions, and brought (and currently bringing) them back together into melting pots of amazing hybrid vigor (hahaha, had to throw that in).

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If you took away the glasses, Taipei would be a ghost town.

Everyone here wears glasses!

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Even peoples avatars wear glasses here.

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