Discretion, privacy, confidentiality & secrecy

Are privacy and confidentiality seen as important at your place of employment?

  • Yes
  • No

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People all over the world have a problem using their discretion and sometimes confidentiality is breached. But I find that privacy and confidentiality is a challenge over here.

Once I told a friend of mine something that I told her to treat with the utmost confidentiality and yet she revealed it in the presence of the person who I wanted it not to be told to. She said, “I know you said I’m not supposed to tell anybody this, but …” and proceeded to spill the beans. I had to control myself because in my book a person who does that is anathema.

People appear in front of my door with keys to open it and when I confront them about it they act as if privacy is an unknown concept over here.

Later, after I explained that privacy and confidentiality were very important to some of us, a third party told me that I was secretive.