Discrimination Against Whites in South Africa

I’ve noticed that white South Africans tend to be polarized on the issue of apartheid. Some view it as a social evil, others as a necessary means to protect the white population. But it seems like pretty much all white Saffas agree that South Africa is more dangerous place for themselves post-apartheid. Is this because the current government is actively discriminating against whites? Or is the government generally inept at protecting its citizens (of all races)?

I don’t know how anybody can support Apartheid, but South Africa is still a dangerous place right now, not just for Whites, for anybody living there. Maybe Whites just feel the difference more, because it used to be much safer for us to live there (a strong white police force, living in affluent areas where blacks weren’t allowed to enter, etc.).
I don’t know how anybody can support Apartheid when the reason we had money was that money was only being spent to better the lives of a tiny section of the population, and black were pretty much only allowed to do low-paid manual labor jobs in most cases?

The new government got a pretty crappy deal on take-over…having to provide housing, water, electricity and education to millions who never had it…having to deal with a bad economy where you can no longer pay workers almost nothing and fire them at will…having to provide health care for thousands who never had it, etc.
They’re not really doing an excellent job and there is a lot of corruption, but if Whites are feeling unsafe it is mostly because of crime that comes from poverty. And of course, some hate crimes, because even now, many Whites still hold the best jobs and live in the best neighborhoods. And because white people were responsible for a lot of atrocities and discriminatory acts in the past.
I think Whites were as much victims of the Apartheid system as anybody else. It can be hard to get used to less when you have grown up in a fake bubble of prosperity, and it’s just as hard on black people that whenever they get promoted to good positions they get labeled as Affirmative Action positions.

Apartheid bloody well sucks and just thinking about it makes me want to take an Uzi to those asses who ever thought up such a damaging and discriminatory sucky system.

Basically: What twonavels said above…


Which is in part due to the reasons Twonavels has already given as well as a culture of, "It’s not my fault. It’s insert your scapegoat of choice’s fault.

Solution is threefold:

  1. Education
  2. Education
  3. Education