Discrimination as foreigner apartment owner

Hi everybody, I want to share a quite odd experience and also ask advice about how to deal with it.

Im a foreigner, marriage APRC, and I bought an apartment in Taiwan a couple of years ago.

As You may know in Taiwan the building collect monthly fees from each apartment and have a apartments owners committee (usually 5/6 peoples) elected each year by a owners general meeting which will manage this money for the necessary expenses during the following year (repairing, fixed costs etc).

Last year I was elected, among others , in fact because me and my wife, who has quite long experience in such kind of committees in other buildings, exposed at this general meeting some suspicious situations about past management results.

After we got in charge my wife checking past years accounting documents find out several proofs of bad use of our building money, such as giving maintenances jobs to companies in friendly relationships with previous committee members (who happened to be in maintenance business), no official invoices and many other stuffs: nothing probably so bad to justify a criminal case but lets say with strong evidences of money spent largely (700% more than previous years average) and being used to make someone friends happy.

Now the old committee members start to panic, at least about the perspective to lose this chance to make such kind of money personal use in future, so they are trying to stop us with several attempts, the last of which is to call an extraordinary general meeting and propose to make impossible for whoever do not speak Chinese (only me in the building) to be part of such committee.

Now a part the fact that is clearly just a pretext being in fact my Taiwanese wife acting in my behalf in all meetings, this would be a clear discrimination act and to try to limit this people future misconducts I would like to sue them in a most effective way.

A part to go to a lawyer , I will do that, is there in Taiwan some governmental authority to which I can relate to in order to protect my owners rights as foreigner?

Thanks for any constructive advices


In Taipei, seems to be the Construction Management Office


Apartment Buildings Section (38) : Management of apartment buildings and supervision of apartment building management committees; real-time removal of dangerous signboards; demolition of abandoned signboards (or empty metal supports); signboard management; planning and execution of signboard embellishment and replacement; and removal of illegal signboard

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Thanks, any specific authority for foreigner protection against discrimination? In general , not related to building matter

I don’t know that there’s any legal provision against discrimination on the basis of language ability. In general there’s the Immigration Act Article 62

Immigration Act - Article No Search/Content Search Result - Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (Taiwan).

This is not inviolable in specific situations where personal characteristics are deemed to be important in the matter at hand, in my experience.

I would think that the fact that you were elected to the position under the rules and (I’m presuming) a post-hoc rule is being devised to pull you off the committee could raise some questions.

yes exactly

Just a small recommendation on being careful in future interactions with this committee. Somebody might try to cover their tracks by diverting blame so take an extra look and copies of all documents, Meeting minutes etc. before signing/agreeing


Sometimes in such situations a knowledgeable hint (“Gee I understand the problem with my language ability but I was elected. I might have to ask the Taipei City Construction Management Office about this.”) can tactfully resolve problems. Nobody wants those umm dedicated civil servants poking around :slight_smile: