Discrimination faced by ABCs in the US


Yeah, I’m calling BS. Note the the purple line for “American Indian or Alaskan Native”.
How much you want to bet they’re including igloos, which hardly seems equitable.


Take it up with the US census Bureau.

their report for 2015, but they lumped non-white/hispanic/black together this time.


Fields would include : tech, engineering, finance, accounting, medicine, dentistry. Some I know opened their own businesses like body repair, auto mechanics, convenience stores, restaurants, buying and renting property.


In those fields Asian American businesses often almost exclusively service other Asian Americans.




As long as we are using Star Trek memes


Anyways, doesn’t basic reasoning provide that if one isn’t an actual member of a particular demographic, that one isn’t really entitled to weigh in on what that group’s experience actually entails?


Too bad the US is supposed to be all about equality and a racially diverse culture. We are all taught all races are equal in our textbooks. That is what supposedly makes amerika great!

On the other hand taiwan china and other parts of asia do not advertise themselves as being the champion of equality so coming in here complaining that you are not being treated equally is a non comparison.


Don’t agree with that either. Something’s not right, call it. Discrimination is BS whether it happens in the US or in Taiwan. the problem with Taiwan’s discrimination is that there is so little discussion or data, people just go around pretending it doesn’t exist.


It’s just really unheard of in many parts of the US I lived. If I was in LA or NY I’m sure it wouldn’t be a thing. But I guess is like a mix, like thinking Asian man can’t attract white women, don’t like white women, white women don’t like Asian because they have small penises ect. And just the people are not used to seeing that. Actually most white women I dated basically told me they thought they would have never thought they would date an Asian man before they met me.


Asia is known for being inequal. Thats like you going into a bar that is known to only serve blacks and then when you dont get serviced you whine…that makes absolutely no sense. Why would you go in there as a non black person?


Don’t really understand the analogy…

Also pretty sure that bar is breaking the law by denying service based on ethnicity these days.


Maybe in US, Canada, france, germany, spain, etc

Im gonna go out on a limb and say russia mexico venezuela dont give a crap about the anti disc rules. On top of that ive seen places in South korea and china where they have those types of bars.

My point is Asia is not the champion of equality that great old amerika likes to preach


Maybe in other places, but I don’t think there are anti-racist laws in Taiwan. Remember the Taipei MRT racist guy? He was charged with public defamation IIRC, not racial intimidation.


To Mods and RunningTaipei and others - while I completely understand and do not oppose the Mods decision to fork the discussion on discrimination against Asian Americans in the US into a separate thread from the Chinese/English language thread, I want to point out that my original intent in raising this issue was not to say that ABCs and Asian Americans have a terrible life in the US, or to try and make some comment about whether Westerners in Taiwan or Asian Americans have comparatively worse situations. What I said was that ABCs in Taiwan and other Westerners should have better mutual understanding because we have both encountered “discrimination.” We can debate about whether “discrimination” is the right word, as both groups might have differing views on the scope and nature of it, but I think that we all know what it is like to be part of a small minority and have experienced situations where our race, linguistic background and nationality (or perceived nationality) has impacted the way the majority treats us.

Sometimes such treatment is “negative”, sometimes it is “positive” and sometimes it is mixed. As I noted above, I intentionally included information and links above about the Asian American condition that are also positive (or at least ambiguous). Likewise, I’d imagine that other Westerners in Taiwan are aware of situations where their background has had some positive impact. Most importantly we have all dealt with unknown situations where we really can’t be sure if an unfortunate incident was driven by our background, or someone just being a jerk. That is one of the difficulties about being a minority - dealing with ambiguous situations, not letting it get under your skin but not letting yourself get taken advantage of.

I would hope that ABCs in Taiwan would not take a “now you know what it’s like” kind of attitude towards other Westerners in Taiwan when they talk about issues they face. We should not take any pleasure in unfair treatment of others and actions that could be seen as schadenfreude are especially unbecoming in my view. I’d hope that Taiwan ABCs would remember what it is like to be part of a small minority and recall that even “positive” bias (like the model minority stereotype that we deal with in the US) are stil insulting on an individual basis and unfair on a collective basis. As native Americans, and sometimes 3rd or 4th generation Americans, who are part of a broader Asian American community with deep and long roots in the US, we know that the long time it takes for social change to take hold can be very frustrating and should show empathy towards other Westerners who are encountering that same impact in Taiwan.

I would hope that Westerners in Taiwan would also look broadly on the potential that ABCs may have gone through experiences in the US that you might find find empathetic when you encounter situations in Taiwan. Many ABCs know what it is like to be stereotyped into certain employment fields, to face nasty comments and encounters when we are engaged in an interracial relationship (especially Asian men with women of other races), and to worry that abrasive encounters with members of the majority can rapidly descend into real violence sometimes at the hands of group attackers. Even if you believe that in 2016 America, Asian Americans face no significant discrimination please remember that plenty of ugliness occurred up until recent times (the LA Riots were in 92, WenHoLee’s was in 99-00, Bauhammers racist shooting spree was in 2000, Jojo Illeto was killed in another racist shooting spree in 99) and many of us easily remember and experienced the events of the 80s and 70s too. No situations are the same, but if you were to ask some of your ABC friends if they ever encountered instances similar to what you may face at times in Taiwan, you might be surprised at the response and may wish to consider if the way we had to deal with such situations provides any insight into the way you might want to address situations you face.

Lastly, since it has been asked about and referred to by other posters - the incident I referred to above where my parents house got broken into, trashed and vandalized with racist graffiti happened in the mid 90s, in a middle class suburb of a large city in a well educated, wealthy coastal state that is consistently considered one of the Bluest and most liberal in the country. Yeah, it sucked but I still think of that state as my home.

Anyway, I don’t mean to try and stop this forked conversation but I felt it was important to clarify why I brought it up initially in the context of the prior thread.


I do take a now you know what its like. They can finally taste some of their own medicine. I dont empathize at all. I’m not going to go outnof my way to disrupt their lives but i’m not gonna go out of my way to be accomodating. I’m not gonna go on a MRT racist rant if thats what you guys are thinking.


I made the distinction clearly from the start between ABC and Asian American, I’m not a complete idiot.

Scroll down to Economics for housing data


It’s all good brutha we having a good sprited fun dialogue and you’re a good man


Likewise, no intent to imply that, or anything else for that matter. It just didn’t have anything to do with the OP anymore and deserved a new home.


Let’s not forget that China was an empire until about a century ago, and the former empire has never been fully unified (in practice) and still has unresolved territorial issues, which basically can’t be resolved until the “Taiwan question” is settled.

The evolution of the British Empire makes an interesting comparison, and it’s a long story with tedious bureaucratic nuances. “How many distinct types of British personhood (citizenship/nationality/subjecthood) have legally existed over the centuries?” would make a good trivia question. Some Commonwealth states still grant a few privileges to foreigners who are “Commonwealth citizens”, which is obviously not a racial category.