Discrimination faced by ABCs in the US


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Wow, I had no idea the folks at FOX News were reading Forumosa.com


Oh right, I forgot about Rowland and Chewhatevers, OK, never mind


Rocket why do you post Star Trek vids and idiotic Fox clips what does this have to do with anything I don’t know.
Enlighten me


[quote=“RunningTaipei, post:44, topic:155779, full:true”]
Rocket why do you post Star Trek vids and idiotic Fox clips what does this have anything I don’t know.[/quote]

Is that even a sentence?

Yeah, I don’t see that happening any time soon.


that clip is brutal. i couldn’t even get half way through it.


How facepalmingly cringeworthy!

But then again it is Fox News, and in particular, Bill O’Reilly.


I was like…is this from 1972 or something??


Ronny Chieng of the Daily Show does a great takedown of that O’Reilly news segment.



Just thought I would add this in for those who believe it doesn’t exist and is all a myth…


My guess is the author of article, Michael Luo, and his parents who are from Taiwan, never in their lives gave a damn about the discrimination faced against all the races in Taiwan, even today when they go there on fancy holidays never speak out against it or are even aware of it.


Thanks for letting me know. I only traveled for one month in Taiwan and must have been oblivious to all the discrimination around me. It seemed really calm and the people were very friendly. My mandarin is good but I don’t speak Taiwanese so perhaps they were calling me names and telling me to go back to my country without me noticing it. I’m actually surprised at how bad race relations in Taiwan are. I truly hope it gets better for you.


You bring up a silly little article of a Chinese American being told to “go back to your country” and to you this means there is discrimination against Chinese Americans. Whites are routinely spoken to like this in Taiwan and China at the slightest incident. It’s baked into the media and institutions. Whites are called 洋腸 and “outsider” and worse all the time. South East Asians in Taiwan are treated far worse still.

I’m surprised how bad the victim game has gotten in the US and truly hope it gets better for you


Nothing silly about it, at all. This kind of thing shouldn’t happen. That it does is disgusting and definitely worth highlighting. The Mayor agrees if you didn’t notice. If someone shouted this at me on the street here, I’d consider it quite noteworthy.


So on a random tiny island off the coast of Western Pacific live a bunch of racist people, and somehow that offsets the racism Asian-Americans face everyday? Based on what kind of fucked-up logic is the racism in these two absolutely unrelated, far fetched, completely different countries connected?


Yeah yeah some nutter shouted at the author from across the street shame the poor thing. The country that allowed his Taiwanese parents to flee oppressive backward Taiwan and put two kids through Harvard.

The poor oppressed minorities have it so bad and the whites have it so good. Yeah yeah. Andrew wants me to aknowledge the real discrimination Chinese Americans face in US but goes on the defensive when challenged with the discrimination in Taiwan. Him with all his one month experience and what with meeting so many calm friendly people on his one month trip to Taiwan. :stuck_out_tongue:


??? It’s an example of discrimination faced by ABCs in the US, from today. You seem to be the one who is getting defensive about it, a bit?


Not at all. Where you get that? A little emotional are we perhaps? I’m perfectly OK with my situation in life and accept the discrimination in Taiwan. Doesn’t bother me most of the time I’m thick skinned. It does affect me I’ll admit when I see South East Asians treated worse than dogs though but apart from that I suck it up.

I’m just calling out bullshit and the need to put all countries and cultures and the world as a whole in perspective


Again, you seem to be the one who is getting emotional, just read through your comments again.

You may not care about all manner of things, more power to you, but that doesn’t mean your preferences have any special relevance to anyone else of course.

Perspective is good, but wrong is still wrong wherever it occurs and should be identified as such.


Yes, I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes from the abuse I get here.

I mean, really? I’ve been here 25 years and would struggle to remember more than a handful of mean-spirited comments. You don’t need thick skin you just need to be a little forgiving from time to time.



Andrew and Michael Luo…are you listening?

Suck it up, stop making a thing of it