Discrimination faced by ABCs in the US


No idea what any of this means tempo I’m a man of simple means and simple pleasures


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Whites are called 洋腸 and “outsider” and worse all the time. South East Asians in Taiwan are treated far worse still. [/quote]

Every country has its issues, but what exactly is the problem with calling a foreigner an “outsider”? I assume you mean 外國人. Should they say 外國朋友 instead?

Of course, a white person who happens to be an ROC national with household registration shouldn’t be called any of those while in Taiwan, but given the rarity of such people, I think it’s a reasonable mistake.


its just a backwards insider mentality. mixed kids are born here and are as Taiwanese as everyone else, they shouldn’t be thought of as a wai guo ren but they are by basically everyone.

whats the difference with abcs getting told to fuck off back home by white americans? its the same thing isn’t it?


I met a Chinese who used to live in NZ (but is 100% Chinese) and was known to his friends as “Xinxilan” because of his (non-ethnic, non-legal) background. It was a nickname, not an insult.

If he had actually been an NZ citizen and/or ethnically half white via NZ, the nickname also would have been true, despite his thorough Chineseness. Would the fact of it being true have made it a racist insult?


I really think it’s a language barrier. Cause here in America my friends from China still refer to non Chinese as 外國人 and my Japanese friends call non Japanese 外國人(

I never heard 洋腸 before.


It’s a mind barrier not a language barrier i.e. It’s in inbuilt racism.

You know like when you call Obama a Kenyan or Negro or African everytime you see him.

Too many excuses made for Asians and the in built racist language. Yes they don’t believe it’s racist , yes it’s racist.


So you think because they are rare that it is reasonable.
I don’t agree.


What’s the problem of calling a foreigner an outsider?

why use the term at all? Why not learn the foreigners name, what country he’s from, where he lives, what he/she does?

Some cultures tend to overuse the term ‘foreigner’, they tend to be more racist.


Well typically once they know your name they will address you accordingly, it’s more of a blanket statement to refer to non Chinese etc.

I’m still not convinced it’s racism, after all if you expat abroad you are a foreigner…

And when I see Obama I see a American not a negro or Kenyan.

I’m starting to think this forum is a bunch of angry white guys who live in Asia and come here to complain about the injustices they face as expats. Too funny seeing as they choose to live in these countries and aren’t born there.


Didn’t take long for Andrew’s true colors to come out and for him to say what he really wanted to say all along…white privilege!

Notice the clever little trick…focus on the “white” side of debate and ignore the one million South East Asian workers many of whom are treated like slaves with their one day a month day off


Imagine the headline in US…“American girl loves big black shlong”


True colors?

Are you serious, you know that sites a joke right?


How old are you, 12?


A very popular commonly referenced “news” portal of a joke. Like Fox News :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Notice too how poster has inadvertently fallen into the same trap as the thing he rails against.

Namely, that whites are only ever expats, guests, travelers in Taiwan. Never equal. The very thing Michael Luo complains about in the article.


Apple Daily is a major newspaper. Nothing funny about it.


Your right I suppose. There are white people who grew up in Asia and they shouldn’t be referred to as foreigners either. But the odds are so rare you would have to actually talk to them to know.

@tempogain I follow that apple news on Line, and I always thought it was a joke. I know they post some serious things but a lot of it seems to be comedic in nature. Either that or my mandarin isn’t good enough to tell the difference -shrugs-


I’m still waiting for a response on how on earth the racism in Taiwan is connected to the racism in America. What’s your rationale behind this juxtaposition? Apart from ignorance and your epic inability of observing the discrimination minorities deal with daily as a privileged white person.

Ok Taiwan is a shithole filled with racist and backwards people, and since America is better, racism just doesn’t exist on American soil?

That’s the same as Taiwanese saying hey our pollution is not as bad as China so we are clean. It’s pathetic.


It’s Taiwan’s second-largest daily newspaper. It’s a joke in the sense of being very poor journalism, but it’s definitely not the Onion or anything.


Indeed. Deniers of racism against Asian Americans have always tried to invoke what happens in Asia as some kind of justification for actions targeting Asian Americans. Senator Jesse Helms voted against the symbolic reparations and apology for the Japanese Americans on the grounds that he wanted an apology from Japan first (for Pearl Harbor, I think).